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  1. Updated OP with new DL. Changes include: - Added aesthetics to death pits as well as other minor aesthetic improvements throughout the map - Improved consistency and function of the lifts - Minor adjustments to spawning
  2. oh my gosh I forgot it! Should be there now
  3. Assuming that you're talking about the door in the third picture, it's composed of two artefact bases, a single base 1 from under the ravine section as well as some extraction crates.
  4. The map is built quite close to the ravine barrier but I'll do my best to get as close to an overview as possible
  5. Yeah, I've added more ramps so players don't have to reply so much on jumping, I've edited the red lift to push you forwards onto the walkway with a gravity volume, made blues jump up to the OS bigger as well as some other things.
  6. Krypton By DG Intensity ​ Brief Description: Krypton, a small asymmetrical map, is intended for team sizes of at most 2. It's design premise is based around the idea that, the more powerful a position is, the more risk you run by staying there. The central hub of the map is composed of an elevated walkway/platform area that provides long advantageous sight lines into all three of the surrounding bases. Although these sight lines are crucial for maintaining successful control of the map, two small death pits loom beneath the area making map knowledge and skillful player movement necessary for navigating through the area quickly. A multitude of jumps and other indirect routes lead up to the area along with two lifts. All three areas contain a small rock structure signifying a hill and/or an extraction site. Aside from he extraction site, all three rooms are intertwined together with multiple hard routes, some quick and others are bit more tedious providing a nice chunk of risk versus reward. In terms of power weapons, an overshield spawns on top of the main control hub and yes that is one the most powerful spots on the map but it is easily accessible from all regions of the map. Also, a sniper spawns in the tunnel that connects the lift room to red (If this causes a bit of confusion, look at the screenshots or download the map, you'll see where I mean). So, in a nutshell, Krypton is a condensed multileveled, multipurpose platform for 2-4 players across a variety of gametypes. This will be my last halo 4 map as I have recently become pressed for time in the "real life." I honestly do hope you all enjoy it and please, don't hesitate to leave your comments, concerns and suggestions in the thread. Also one last thing before I go on explaining the maps assets; I'd like to thank everyone who has downloaded the forgeries from my consistently updating fileshare, both good and bad maps. Although forging has been one of my favourite pastimes for my last few years, for now it will have to take a back seat. Once again, thanks Supported Gametypes: - King of the hill - Extraction - Oddball - All slayer variants Weapons on map: - Battle Rifle x3 - DMR x2 - Frag Grenade x4 - Lightrifle x1 - Sniper Rifle x1 (116s Ordinance) - Overshield x1 (116s Ordinance) Screenshots: This map is very early on into it's life so any comments and suggestion and problems will be taken seriously as it is highly susceptible to change. DL: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/337f8d08-7698-4393-aca5-a1a31c732c46
  7. Well done guys, both maps are great displays of forging!
  8. Aren't you part of that "worthless" community?
  9. Nice name dude and why are all your respawn points coloured cyan?
  10. Looks like a very nice map man and I especially like the way you constructed gold, although I am concerned with the very long lines of sight from gold, through the bases to the corners near green. I think that if you could minimize those or eliminate them, gameplay would be improved.
  11. I never played halo 3 much but this looked alright to me. What do you guys think?
  12. So does Sanc… but I do agree that the spawning most likely wont be the best
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