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  1. i mean i agree that he could be a bit more humble but he's arguably a top 10 player in this game so idk what you mean by "when reality hits." contra is super good at this game and he knows it, same thing with cratos. they're confident that if they play well they can't be beat, which is a good mindset to have in competition because it makes you focus on your mistakes individually in order to push yourself.
  2. have you been smoking some :dank: kush? according to @@Humpflung it can make you aggressive, arguably even more aggressive than 07 final boss.
  3. if i can't tell your post is satire then you're not doing a very good job at it :/ like i said i appreciate the enthusiasm i just think posts like these are pretty pointless and not very funny BUT I LOVE YOU ALL THE SAME NO HATE JUST FEEDBACK <3
  4. every time you post these i have no idea what's going on seems like you're trying too hard tbh but i appreciate your enthusiasm
  5. if people could stop posting the stat screen for one game as evidence that someone is/is not washed that would be great
  6. danoxide, nem, ryanoob, and gooby are scrimming liquid. score is 3-2 edit: nvm don't listen to me
  7. itt: people acting like choking games isn't a legitimate problem. imo losing 4 close games isn't promising, it's concerning. closing out games is one of clg's strengths and it's a weakness for many other teams, especially renegades.
  8. i just had to pop in to say i'm super frustrated with how good renegades could be if they just stopped making stupid mistakes. ninja challenges practically every kill even when he knows he'll lose and there's no one around to pick up the one shot. they also solo push WAY too much. if they just pushed as a team and backed down when they're one shot they would be doing a lot better and probably give clg a run for their money.
  9. surprised no one mentioned that cratos, lifestyle, ryanoob, and shooter scrimmed randa, swift kill, danoxide, and str8 sick. score was like 5-2, they seem like a solid squad. they're about to scrim nv right now also ola and penguin absolutely destroyed mikwen and rayne in 2v2 flag warm-ups and it was the funniest thing i've watched in a long time. really hope this nv squad sticks together (although penguin might have options that seem more appealing), they have a lot of potential and chemistry.
  10. no hate on the guy's motivations and drive, imo he seems like he really does just want a good team. he just needs to learn to go about his business in a better way. he's getting better (this definitely isn't as shady as the previous incident), but he needs to learn to be more professional in his public dealings
  11. if presented with the opportunity, i'm pretty sure he would shade his players tbh and to be fair the alg owner came on here and made a very coherent post regarding the decision he made, while the denial owner decided to tweet that two players were benched then accused everyone on here of talking shit. my problem isn't with the way he's handling the situation with the team but rather how he's handling it in public. too many stupid orgs (and players) tweeting about shit that should only be discussed between the players and the org. he claimed that his tweet was to "inform the community" but all he did was start drama
  12. i'm just one of those pathetic shittalkers on @teambeyondnet
  13. lmao at "i think it was a mistake but i stand by it" i understand where he's coming from but he went about it in a terrible way. also "i decided to tweet that i was benching cody and devon to show the community what was going on." what? benching esports players is confusing enough already but then he gives vague reasons for why they're being "benched" too. i'm sure denial is having some real problems (and i really hope they work through them, i love that squad) but this guy seriously shouldn't be running any sort of organization
  14. ugh i'm so tired of hearing people say "this team won't work because *insert player name* is a *insert type of player* and having two of the same type of player on a team doesn't work." a lot of you guys act like every player has a very specific, limited playstyle when in reality most players are able to fill different roles depending on their teammates. i hear this argument a lot in regards to teams with ogre 2 which is ridiculous considering ogre 2 is one of the most versatile players in the history of halo
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