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  1. We are dedicated and play every single day, we are looking to find 2 other players who are equally dedicated at playing halo 5 competitively and getting better. We play during the day and night usually to late hours of the night. Players have to be positive and obviously already have considerably skill in halo 5. Experience in previous events or tournaments is great but not required, Please dont waste my time, we want to actually be competitve, you need to be a top tier player, i dont care about mm rank as long as you play a lot and you are a good player. I am 22 and my teammate is 19 My gt is Macroyer my twitter is @mac_royer and my teammates gt is Powi waui and twitter is @@PowiWaui hmu and we will run within a day, again please dont waste my time we are serious about competing
  2. Me, Gt: Macroyer and my friend I have played with for a long time, Gt: Powi Waui, are both looking to form a team and compete. We want to focus on forming good teamwork and meshing. I am a champion in ffa and slayer if it matters but we want to compete on online tournys and even attend events if we are playing well enough. We are both dedicated and on every day. msg either of us if you wanna start playing and see how it goes.
  3. Gt:Macroyer Region: mid-west mm/customs: both I play every day, trying to get champs.
  4. Looking for players Almost champ in slayer 1650 onyx in arena If you know call outs and use them add me. Gt Macroyer
  5. Looking to play competitively online, we play every night. Gt: macroyer
  6. To3 looking for smart 4th who can make the correct plays, we want to establish ourselves online before competing in lan. If you are interested hit me up I'll msg u on Xbl too. GT: Macroyer
  7. So I need a little bit of a notice, I work retail so a lot of weekends, I can get the days of I just need to be able to request them off. Unfortunately the 16-17 of May I am going to a wedding. Otherwise I am very interested in meeting new halo players, and playing halo on LAN which I haven't done since reach! I will keep looking at this thread to see what date you land on.
  8. I live in Fort Collins Colorado and have been looking for people to play with if anyone wants to play online or if a lan is getting together I would be interested, hit me up anytime on xbl even if I'm not online I will answer on smart glass. gT: macroyer

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