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  1. Victory was performing pretty well for LG, I don't get why things have to turn out this way :/
  2. Why isn't APG just on LG already? And why don't they just play with VicX, he seemed pretty willing? Sorry I haven't been following the league closely
  3. Before the game, a montage clip was played as the commentators were talking During the game, the there was an audio issue and then the commentators were cut off for a good minute One thing after another
  4. What did the donation say or was he arguing with someone in chat?
  5. If another optic killer squad gets formed Renegade is a must, could be him leaving.
  6. Not saying they shouldn't but I just don't agree with your lineups. I don't rate Snipedown as high as Huke and Stellur. Staying together and getting better together is also a possibility, especially for Liquid. I don't feel we've seen their full potential yet.
  7. I don't see Liquid looking at Snipedown and going yea he's better then Stellur. Huke is probably the only better slayer then him. Also he and Eco are good friends, which can be a factor.
  8. Would he even go back? 2nd at Worlds and in a top 3 team is pretty nice
  9. Optic not changing makes a lot of sense :bman: Others........not even close
  10. We're missing how they're gonna decide a 8th team for Pro League, we only have 7 and possibly 6 if RoyBox retire
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