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  1. is there anyone from 343 or UGC even listening to the actual stream? audio levels on listen-ins have been way off (game audio too high, player audio too low) all weekend. EDIT: obviously T2 is... "whisper-in" lmao
  2. Has the format (seeds, best of 5/7, single/double elim) for PAX been explained yet? I might have just missed it.
  3. So does CLG not have to play a competitive match until Pro League starts in June? They won't be a part of the May 8 LAN or the online qualifiers?
  4. thinking this is gonna be relevant a lot today while CLG is playing
  5. Said this in the TB chat, but will say here as well: Ghost is by far the best anaylst/commentary guy to pair with a hyped, play-by-play caster. His analysis is actually very detailed, pertinent, and not cheesy/cliched.
  6. So, series is 6-4 CLG, CLG win BO11 right? (gg's to EG, they played awesome those last two games)
  7. that was some Pistola-style staying alive by someone on CLG too though
  8. i would LOVE to see epsilon stay over here and scrim some NA teams regularly
  9. Inv me anytime you need 1. I'm pretty sure I have you on my friends list from playing warzone a couple times.
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