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  1. Halo scene, in terms of actually watching the games and interacting with the fans, is hands down my favorite scene. We'll be back
  2. I dunno, we've managed to stick around for a while :P #bigsorry
  3. This is almost certainly what he meant - it's likely that all 4 players came to him and said "build the team around me, I won't play with any of these guys again." I can guarantee with 100% certainty that this restriction did not come down from 343 or the Pro League.
  4. Honestly it you guys' own faults that I'm here so much. I basically never interacted with the LoL Reddit, nor do I get too down with the other games' subreddits or hubs often. As a general rule, this community is much more personable, supportive, and lighthearted (my god, the memes... I definitely get my fix here) than any other gaming community I've observed or participated in. Hats off to the entire crew and culture here!
  5. Speaking from direct experience here, trust me, none of us are going to make it difficult to get our media in-game for public dissemination and consumption
  6. We're live! Episode 2 of Pride, "Restart", is up on our youtube channel: Again, any support you can give by way of RTs, shares, likes, upvotes... it's all love, baby. Halo content now incoming SOONtm. https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/rising/
  7. Hey guys, I know this is non-Halo related, BUT since you all are so kind and supportive, I want to make sure you're in the know when we post these things. Episode #2 of our Pride series (which surrounds our CS:GO team) comes out TOMORROW. Some of you had said you really liked the first one, and we worked equally hard on this one too. Immediately after that release, we'll be working on our Halo version of Pride (no working title yet) which I'm excited to bring to you guys. Our goal for this video is 15,000 views, double what the first episode has received. We're going to be giving away a t-shirt to a follower of our team Twitter account (@winterfoxgg on Twitter) every 5000 views, and if it's one of you guys who wins, I'll make sure you receive one of our Halo-themed t-shirts (if you'd like). Upvotes on Reddit, RTs and favorites on Twitter, and shares on Facebook really go a long, long way in helping the video spread! As long as the mods and admins are okay with it, I'll be posting the full episode of Pride here tomorrow, when we release it. Just in case you aren't around, though, you should subscribe to www.youtube.com/winterfoxgg, it helps us a ton To keep this Halo related... our content coordinator and video editor (@gabejruiz on twitter) just told me that @@Naded looks like Bradley Cooper... DAE agree? :^)
  8. Sorry, I don't know if any of the matches on side stage were recorded :/
  9. MLG sure was an event, huh... I have a lot of thoughts about the weekend but I'll try to keep them somewhat succinct. I know that @@RyaNoob wants to make some vlogs detailing the weekend so I'll leave him to explain a lot of stuff. Here are my personal thoughts on: a) Sound Issues: There was an audience member standing on the side stage filming the matches from WFX perspective (possibly a forum member?), I'm positive that he can vouch that before and between every single map, Ryanoob was complaining about the sound quality. Some things were easily fixed: one headset was picking up the casters from the main stage, it was turned down so this stopped. Others were never addressed: Ryan said that game audio was parallel for all distances - people that were very far away sounded close and people very close sounded close. As a sneaky player who utilizes his surroundings really well, this was a huge handicap for him. Another sound issue that showed up was some players being washed out vocally compared to background noise and game sounds. We were told that the issues basically wouldn't be addressed because "all teams are playing with the same handicap" and there was no alternate equipment to use. Not fighting against this tooth and nail was a huge mistake made by both my team and all of the teams on the main stage that got screwed by poor equipment. The issue, however, is made more complicated by the fact that we took "all teams are playing with the same handicap" at face value. It wasn't until teams saw other players on certain setups tweeting about audio issues that we realized it that it applied more to some teams and players than to others. MLG did an amazing job of fixing the issue for day 2, and I commend them for that. However, fixing the issue created another one - by addressing the issue, MLG was forced to acknowledge that there *was* an issue on day 1. Unfortunately, we were too far down the road to go back and have day 1 matches replayed. Yikes. There are so many issues with this, on both sides. How can this possibly be a fair tournament, completed without an asterisk, if we know that teams were playing at a disadvantage, how can we not replay the matches? At the same time, how can we possibly ask the winners to replay matches that they already won, having already shown their strats and tendencies, already lived the emotions of winning, etc? It was surely an impossible situation for MLG to be in. I lobbied pretty hard for replays, along with several of the players who were shorted on day 1, but to no avail. Hats off to Adam Apicella for handling the conversation with a *ton* of patience and maturity, hearing us out until the end, no matter how much we repeated ourselves. Mad respect to him even though I disagree with his final decision. 2) Main stage: This, however, was not handled well. We were shuttled off the main stage schedule without so much as a hint of a request. As our match didn't matter in terms of the standings, they simply bumped us out. Huge disappointment to me, and I of course requested they put us back on the main stage. The lighting in the side stage was terrible and I got virtually no usable footage during our matches. Not being able to film the guys on the main stage for our YT video was a huge let-down. Not being able to let our fans see us on stream (or let the audience members that chose to attend for WFX see us on stage - not implying there were any, but you never know...) was also a let-down. I'm still pretty peeved about this. I'm also upset that nV didn't want to play the match, but from what I understand, they would have played it if it was on main stage. All the more reason to have it on main stage... come on MLG. 3) The results: Nice, feel a bit better knowing how well Contra's team did, and then knowing that we had pretty close games against them. I feel like WFX could have made it out of at least 2 of the other groups, oh well Huke is unreal at this game. I'm amped for finals, I've got EG making a comeback to win it all, let's go boys in blue! 4) Meeting forum members: Those of you who I did meet, you were all wonderful. Seeing how pumped up for Halo you guys get, gets me even more pumped. Was loving the energy throughout the entire weekend. Welp, here's to hoping we make it into the Halo Pro League...!
  10. Despite the lopsided score line, our matches against Denial were relatively close. Game 2 we were down as many as 12 before coming back to make it 44-42 in our favor iirc. Not being a gameplay expert myself, I don't know how we ended up not closing it out, but Huke played especially well fmpov. Map 3 was also much closer than it looked, with us holding a set up to give us some 50 straight points when we were down 98-10 or so. Kinda sucks to lose to them when going into the event, the expectation was we have to beat Denial and enVy to have a chance at making it out of groups. HOWEVER, EG beat nV much harder than I expected which gives me hope for tomorrow. I still believe we can make it out of groups, I know we need a little luck but hey who knows Amazing event so far, the energy is through the roof and I can't wait for bracket stage already!
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