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  1. May 2020. MCC is still broken and still no sign of Infinite gameplay. Lmao.
  2. Wait a minute, it's T minus 1 day until the biggest Halo LAN in years...where's @Jakerdot ?!?
  3. If UGC allow it, do you think we can get 128 teams to the UGC H3 LAN? #BELIEVE
  4. Removing the H3 Hardcore playlist the DAY AFTER a major H3 4v4 tourney is announced, which is in 50 DAYS... I actually have no words.
  5. Just caught up on yesterdays matches on the Twitch VOD. Bit of a rough start with the technical issues but there's been some good games so far. Gotta be honest though, I am PUMPED for some Halo 3 today!
  6. As great as this sounds, they've definitely missed the boat with the MCC "relaunch". It took too long to come out, the playlist management and region lock was borked and the population has already gone. Plus we're about to hit busy season for new games, so casuals really aren't gonna care.
  7. Medicore is being too kind. I think ESL's incompetence killed a lot of Halo's viewership and we haven't been able to recover since. There are other factors, of course. But I'd love to know what position the scene would be in now if we had MLG from the very beginning of Halo 5 (and MCC for that matter).
  8. It's not Halo unless you're getting berated - especially by teammates. I remember, back in the "good old days" of the original MCC launch, getting a run of games in H2A - our team we're on a bit of a losing streak and I may have been to blame. I distinctly remember hearing in the game chat once we were lobbied up, "Aaaaah man! Not Bloke again!!!" A part of me died inside. Which is ironic really as after that game I received an XBL message telling me to kill myself. Good times!
  9. Just reading the patch notes whilst waiting for MCC to install. It's longer than War and Peace! Not complaining though - a hell of a lot of work has gone into this. Now to spread the word to my gaming pals to jump back onto MCC
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