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  1. I'm a Snipedown fan but I think CLG is going to take this serie. I mean the CLG squad is pretty impressing.
  2. What color change? Didn't the color change was already done previous update? Or a new one is planned?
  3. I was wondering when will we be having a Pistol variant. Good to see it's coming.
  4. Didn't Ghost just say there is another Gravity Hammer coming we didn't see? Or did my english comprehension is not that good?
  5. Absolutely no shocker for me, just wanted to share the news
  6. Pic of Torque (sorry on my phone) Saw this on a French halo website. I don't know from where this picture come from so yeah I just share it and we will see ... The more I see this pic the more I see an Empire remix more than anything ... And they are adding a whole new number of medals also: http://www.halodestiny.net/news/3177-de-nouvelles-medailles-a-venir
  7. I'm the only one having lot of issues for the past few days connecting to the game? I get a message that I'm no longer part of a fireteam (even if playing solo) so it disconnect me from the Arena lobby and even sometimes from a game. And I have a lot of troubles joining friends. I'm a preview member so I don't know if it's related or not.
  8. Saying casual will miss oddball or koth is wrong imo. Most of casual play swat or slayer. I think sniper is going to be missed by casual yes. Saying swat is a weekend playlist and asking for sniper is a nonsense to me. We should have both at the start. Swat is very popular. And double team of course. But we should be having oddball and koth in the game and also extraction.
  9. @@Deez confirm That Swat is ranked. So there is multiple ranked playlist. Probably breakout and ffa are also
  10. Yeah can't understand how they continue to give ign infos if every time they need to correct it after
  11. According to @@Deez on twitter there is only One SWAT playlist.
  12. 343i is going to do a Q&A on Xbox Daily. It's live now on Forza, don't know when the Halo part will start. I'm looking on the Xbox Live Events app, a poll just appears with what we want to hear first from them, the choices were: IA, Req system, Load outs and I don't remember the 4th one sorry.
  13. Why not juste give use weapons skins and eventually only visors (don't know if it's the good word for it) changes for some? You prefer a full holographic one (think Magnum or Boltshot)? Get one. You prefer the DMR one? Get it. You like the BR one? Get it. But really, do not change attribute of a weapon. Why stop the loadout system if you add this after?
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