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  1. I have to say Mythic Arena in H5 is the most fun I've had playing it in years, even if its fairly easy and some of the maps are kind of weird (like playing assault on the longest-esque map). Only thing that's draining is the horrible matchmaking experience when searching solo, it might be because of low pop but its kind of ridiculous getting a bronze player on my team vs 2 champs.
  2. All I got from looking at their profile yesterday was that they were american, had beyond premium, and had a husband.
  3. I think its because they were #1 seed in open bracket.
  4. Its almost like you spent so many hours watching EU Halo every week for months.
  5. At this point I don't watch the event, I just ignore the forums for the final days and watch the rebroadcast Monday so I can skip all the delays and talking heads.
  6. Obviously its because 343 didn't pay the internet protection fee.
  7. I just want to play oddball at this point. I know 343 fucking sucks but I'll take what I can get.
  8. I really hope the try out oddball for HCS. It has been pretty fun IMO even with radar and autos, a lot less frustrating than assault. They really don't need the correct announcer and everything.
  9. Did anyone here actually think the social oddball playlist was gonna be no autos/radar? They put it in as a social rotational playlist.
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