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  1. All I got from looking at their profile yesterday was that they were american, had beyond premium, and had a husband.
  2. I think its because they were #1 seed in open bracket.
  3. Its almost like you spent so many hours watching EU Halo every week for months.
  4. At this point I don't watch the event, I just ignore the forums for the final days and watch the rebroadcast Monday so I can skip all the delays and talking heads.
  5. Obviously its because 343 didn't pay the internet protection fee.
  6. I just want to play oddball at this point. I know 343 fucking sucks but I'll take what I can get.
  7. I really hope the try out oddball for HCS. It has been pretty fun IMO even with radar and autos, a lot less frustrating than assault. They really don't need the correct announcer and everything.
  8. Did anyone here actually think the social oddball playlist was gonna be no autos/radar? They put it in as a social rotational playlist.

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