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  1. I'd like to see TA become social Team Objective playlist (removing slayer as it is available in Quickplay/Ranked Slayer) and have HCS highlighted as the main Ranked team playlist.
  2. On the topic of Tox's potential 3-peat, Splyce is also looking for their third straight tournament win (Orlando, Columbus and now Seattle). If they face off in the finals, it will be a battle for the 3-peat.
  3. I will be in Seattle all weekend for Worlds. Will be repping the flag hoodie, granted it ships in time. Worlds will be the second event I've attended since MLG Cbus 2012. Excited to meet up with everyone. Worlds hype!
  4. I'd like to see them make it so you have to hold your jump and melee buttons to ground pound. That should remove the current melee delay since GP won't be active until you hold jump + melee.
  5. Sweet, I actually got it to start working. Thanks. #Tech
  6. But that's not what I'm having trouble with. Im trying to slide store after the thrust animation. How do you slide store without sprinting?
  7. Hmm. I wasn't able to duplicate a similar slide to my gif posted so I'm not sure if that was a true slide store or if was just lag on the server during my jump.
  8. Are there any known ways to store sliding after your boost is over? I accidentally did this (http://imgur.com/tfuOgk4) mid-game but can't remember how I did it.
  9. You will need to jump from the middle of the moveable platform so that you are a little extra elevated from the lip on the box. Then once you're up on the edge of the wall, you'll jump backwards and clamber up. I've found that stabilizing helps make this easier, since it adds a little extra height to your jump, so you may not have to stand on the higher part of the platform. Here's a gif of it: https://i.imgur.com/sthKOIP.gifv EDIT: Also if you do the stabilize jump there is a audible queue I believe where the stabilize sound will stop when you can jump.
  10. I have yet to be able to do this the way OP has shown, but I have found success thrusting over a powerup then holding the pick up button and melee. It may be more consistent this way.
  11. I'd like to see the Breaking Down the Map videos actually be the upcoming map in a series, not some random Eden breakdown when Truth is next. This would really help out with new viewers learning a game they may not play themselves. Other than that and the bad selection of montages/forge map videos, XGames was awesome to watch.
  12. Was/is there any conversation about changing the maps Breakout was played on before just outright removing it? I felt like the maps that were in the rotation were pretty poor in comparison to even some of the maps in the Community Breakout playlist. I would have liked to see at least testing done on community forge maps before getting rid of the gametype from the rotation entirely. I hope both 343 and those of us on Beyond maintain a respectful dialog as you said.
  13. I wish the slide boost hadn't been removed. Ugh. It added so much to the game for players to master. I would have understood it better if it was an inconsistent thing but this was basically 343's version of the doubleshot/BxR and they got rid of it rather than embracing it and making it a widely known thing. Hell they could have figured out how to make it work without changing any of the settings (maintain sprint/toggle crouch) and made a video to play in between any of the HCS/HWC matches. Oh well, time to master bump boosting I guess.
  14. You should check out this playlist on YT: It's a really good series that Audley does that explains a lot of what pros do and what they should do to improve upon their play. I know it's helped me a lot and I've been playing Halo for years and years. I do know Ryanoob and Ace do some breakdown/analysis videos similar to Audley's but I haven't watched them too much. Ryanoob: https://www.youtube.com/user/areallygoodnoob/videos Ace: https://www.youtube.com/user/AceElam Hope this helps! :ghost:
  15. West coast US I can play 4 PM-midnight or so most days of the week and on weekends. HaloTracker stats: http://halotracker.com/h5/player/Yewish%20aD GT: Yewish aD
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