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  1. Alright boys, initiate protocol "Pressure Cratos into getting an E6 tattoo". Also blame @@Saucy for the poor protocol name.
  2. Pretty sire I saw Neighbor do it on stream before. Ive also never seen a person do it in Ireland either and I have to agree, it is kind of nasty but I usually remind myself to just focus on the gameplay/chat.
  3. That game was so fun (only ever played splitscreen vs bots with friends). Destructable enviroments was such a great concept at the time (I hope this never occurs in Halo).
  4. I began playing back in Halo BC - came out roughly 2000 years ago.
  5. Frosty was a sub to Lethul and look at him now.Seriously though, youre obviously a passionate and determined guy. Just remember we're all here cause we love Halo. Picking on someone also happens with large groups but its typically just friendly banter - I usually just downvoted you and moved on if I disagreed, but given all the shit youve gotten lately ( not going to get into whether it was deserved or not ) I just thought I'd tell you my honest opinion, hopefully its a nice change from just being ganged up on. #poorpunctuation #mobile
  6. Your posts tend to piss me off ( before I even check who posted it), But this one made me laugh. I have no problem with you and I respect your ambition. I also madly respect that you try and cheer up sick kids. I think we just disagree on a lot of things. Hope you keep posting too, forums need people like you. I kind of hope you somehow become the next Lethul and dominate through Halo 6 onwards. The forums might implode. ( Bonus points if you play with Reality Check).
  7. Wow, I knew ge was great at console FPS but I stopped watching comp Halo after the second Reach event. What games/teams were these?
  8. I'm a fairly relaxed guy, but that kid's posts drive me crazy and it always becomes about him. I've tried to ignore his posts - so I can enjoy the forum the way I like it, but I can't figure it out (I rarely log in, I lurk often though). I've typed out quite a few rants about him / directed at him but never post it because it further contributes to the cycle. It's best to just ignore him. On topic, I can really get behind the potential C9 roster. (Not even touching the Ninja topic). @@CyReN Thank you for posting the link for ignoring people
  9. Its a fairly entry level job, so a lot of employees arent extremely motivated, they just want the (bad) paycheck and not to be fired. (No offence to anyone - I'm talking about myself here too).
  10. As someone who works in support for an ISP, those delays Prototype is experiencing are honestly stupid things like people not booking the engineers because they are going on vacation and will just hope its resolved by the time the customer comes back. Not to mention technicians being dicks and rescheduling your appointment for 2 weeks away cause they dont want to drive that far etc. Infuriating for both parties involved. Remember, ISP's want to give you a decent service as much as you want it and dont believe what a sales agent tells you unless you have it in writing, then its a legal obligation to provide it. Connecting to a fibre service doesnt always mean great speeds. They promise up to 100mb but if you live over 2km from the exchange good luck getting about 24mb down. You can achieve that 100mb if youre closer to the fibre cabinet/exchange.
  11. So many faces that no longer play. The entire tD & Carbon squads don't compete anymore. Sad but we also get room for players like Frosty, Stellur, Eco etc.
  12. Throw Ace in there and that squad has potential to be dirty.
  13. That move put 2gre off CLG, EG had to pick up Commonly, who left a promising Leftovers, who picked up Stellur, who left OpTic, who ended up with Chaser and Lifestyle. ( These are the direct changes associated with Lethul's move. I'm sure other teams changed also - possibly indirectly. )
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