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  1. I have a better one. I had a 19 kill streak on lockdown H2C, sworded a kid coming up s1 ramp and as soon as I sworded him for the rampage, I get a "suicide". Didn't get the rampage. Clipped it and was pissed.
  2. Is this shit game ever going to be fixed??? Been out for almost 6 months already and we still have no ranks besides crappy H2A slayer. When is broken halo 3 gonna get fixed? Why was snipers taken out? And is it just me or does voice chat not work in matchmaking??? I NEVER hear anyone with a mic. Biggest waste of $440 I've ever spent on an Xbox and MCC. Console has been out a year but still no voice messages? What a joke. But Microsoft has no problem banning me from sending messages and joining parties lol. PS...anyone know how to get the MLG game types for halo all the halos? Preferabley halo 1,2 and 3.

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