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  1. In Steam under Games at the very top you can redeem a code. Just paste it in. Then I had to go to my games, and start the download manually for some reason.
  2. Login and click on halo insider under your profile and at the bottom will be your steam code (if on PC).
  3. Join in progress was so great in Halo 3....really brings back the memories!
  4. There must be a reason you bought the non Xbox one version for your Xbox one? It's unfortunate they don't work cross platform but you should be able to get a chat adapter to make it work, I would imagine.
  5. Try the turtle beach 500X. DTS surround with no wires needed for chat.
  6. I've always liked Turtle Beach's and love my 500X although that's a bit above your range. They have a new one, the 420X which looks to have good reviews and is in your price range. I like being able to hear my voice in the speakers when I talk which I'm pretty sure the Msft headsets don't do.....not sure about the other brands.
  7. They gave us classic Halo and the population dropped which proves we all want sprint and all of the 343 innovations in Halo 5. We are begging for change!
  8. He says it is known and by design? It's as if they don't have 10+ years of data to use. I agree it won't be fixed. I've lost the ability to be hopeful with 343 behind the wheel.
  9. If you can stretch your budget, look at the turtle beach XO7 Pro. It is new and you can read about it on Amazon. It has what they are calling Super Hunan hearing which is a setting that amplifies lower sounds such as footsteps, so it sounds exactly like what you are looking for.
  10. http://www.amazon.com/Turtle-Beach-Stealth-Premium-Wireless-Headphone/dp/B00KSQACMM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415427842&sr=8-1&keywords=500x If worried about cords.....pretty sure all other wireless headsets actually have wires.
  11. I've heard bad things about the Polks. I don't think the mic works well, so at least try to test that if interested in them.
  12. The new a40 for Xbox one is stereo only right? Wouldn't surround sound be a must or do you feel it is over-rated in a headset? I'm going to try the turtle beach 500x as they have surround and are fully wireless (no wire to the controller).
  13. Are the a40's for Xbox one stereo only? It looks that way...I would definitely want surround sound for that price.
  14. Isn't it a bit ridiculous that we have to buy that to get old headsets to work? What is the purpose, is there any new functionality? I love how the reviews are all positive like it is such a great adapter....well we shouldn't need one in the first place!
  15. The Tango is the same as the xp510 with design and preset differences. Great headset, I don't think you can go wrong there. I think the sale is purely because they are branded with an old game.
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