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  1. Gamertag: Snorlaxel Customs/MM: Arena/8s Region: NA, Central Twitter: Snorlaxel
  2. GT: Snorlaxel Attended PGL Indianapolis, and other locals. Looking to go to G4G or something. Twitter: @SnorLaxel
  3. Looking to play some Arena, currently a plat 5 GT: Snorlaxel
  4. GT: Snorlaxel Playlist: Team Arena/Firefight/8s Region: NA (Illinois) I only use party chat until i have enough money for new pc.
  5. Looking for people to play with on arena. Currently making this smurf the new main lol. I play from 11pm-3am central on weekdays all day on weekends. GT: Snorlaxel
  6. Did 343 tweak the sens. again? it feels soo different since yesterday's update.
  7. i played quantum break and totally recommend it.
  8. How would one go about improving their gameplay?
  9. I think it should be played like Lockdown. Control one spot and dont move lol. Preferably nest.
  10. all this talk about forge and im here thinking when 343 stop messing with maps/game modes and let the community decide whats best for halo rather than forcing us play shitty maps...
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