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  1. Hello fellow OT'ers. Long time. How has everyone been doing?
  2. Sprint is one of the things that made me quit Halo, so I might return if they took out sprint. I miss playing Halo, but I just got tired bitching about gameplay that I know 343i is never going to change. Did you try Shadow Warrior 2? I have heard good things about it.
  3. In 2004 the only way to show how good you were was to show up to a LAN. Have you ever heard the phrase "You catch more flies with honey then with vinegar"? It's less about having a safe place in Halo, and more white noise get's ignored. What's easier for a 343 employ to bring up in a meeting, "According to the forums, they don't want radar in HCS and here are the reasons why, what do you guys think?" vs "There was a post that called us a brain dead idiots and that we don't know anything about game design. I think they complained about radar, or was it bullet mag..... Or sprint? I don't even remember. They hated us though."? Hahaha, you think they actually listen to community for settings and game balance.
  4. Or it is 2016 and most people actually know if they have a chance or not to make it. Comparing someone's experience in 2004 when there was no ranks, matchmaking, or competitive forums in Halo to someone's in 2016 who has some many outlets to make themselves know is beyond silly. If you are good at Halo at this point you are most likely somewhat known. It makes no sense to spend that much money or make that many sacrifices now. Also, I really hate the constructive feedback argument. The competitive Halo community has been giving constructive feedback to Bungie and 343i for 10 years now. Most of it is never listened to. If you think anyone is going to waste their time trying to be nice when it will just be ignored then you are just out of touch. Compare how 343 reacts to the community to how Valve reacts to the Dota community. They actively make changes in the game, in how they monetize the game, and how they run tournaments that people request.
  5. Damn, it isn't like we have been hearing this for the last 7 months.
  6. This is what I was going to bring up. Kids, pay attention in U.S. History.
  7. That is the majority of the population that care about playing in tournaments. It is why I never understood the whole we back thing. The Halo community is a fraction of the size it used to be and the failure that is the MCC failed to bring it back and I doubt Halo 5 will either.
  8. The problem I had in Halo 4 and now with Halo 5 is that the pistol, DMR, and BR are all redundent and have no clear goal in their implemenation. Why Halo 1/2/3 were so great is that the Pistol/BR had a very clear, defined role. The reason why I consider Halo 1 the best was that you could start with the Pistol and be competitive in killing anyone on the map.
  9. Voting is one of the worst thing to have ever happened to matchmaking, but it will never get changed. Halo 3 system was fantasic because you could only veto a single game type (and most people don't vote so vetoing didn't always happen) and were then given a random choice after that. Being able to vote leads to the same few choices being selected over and over again.
  10. Seriously, it is the thing I probably hate most about modern shooters. It is impossible to see anything. It is alright. They will keep developing for the casual fanbase that disappears after a month no matter what they put in the game and then wonder why no one is playing the game a month later like what happened with Halo 4.
  11. ESL just canceled an online Halo tournament because of people being able to join parties. You can't have online tournaments with how unreliable this game is.
  12. IMO, you can tell jackshit about those stats. The most dedicated players would play as soon as the beta came out. Those that waited a week or two to play would be those that are casual fans anyway and would be most likely to not play much anyways.
  13. Well, there are developers that put in 10x the effort and money into their eSports and don't release unfinished products.
  14. I agree with your thoughts, but those aren't minor changes.
  15. Like, I am done. I think I am going to try and call xbox this weekend and get a refund for the MCC. The developers at 343 are clearly fucking idiots and I am tired of dealing with their shit. They have killed pretty much any passion I had for Halo with their complete incompetence. Someone just needs to walk up to every single employee there and give them a slap. The biggest person I am disappointed in is Bravo. I understand a job is a job and I don't know if he would have any other options as decent as a job at 343, but I don't understand how he can work there and let shit like these terrible playlist choices happen.

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