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  1. Anyone know when they're updating this playlist? It'll be so much more convenient once it's up to date. Tired of getting KOTH on Haven or Extraction on Dispatch.
  2. I wouldn't say that their trio has been together for 2 years.
  3. Maven's such a classy guy. Takes criticism so well!
  4. Great site guys. How do I add/change a title to my name? and can pro coaches get VIP?
  5. Think it peaked at around 6K. It kept a steady 4K-5K throughout the weekend though.
  6. I'm thinking about playing again. I'm gonna be putting in a lot of hours for this tournament if I do.
  7. That's not how it works. It does have direct streaming, and you can stream as soon as you click the button. It might just shut off after 30 minutes or so "to let other people stream".
  8. Annnnd I used to do it for the Open. Seeing some old names here!
  9. Very smart move, and I think this will help bring a lot of people back to Halo!
  10. This. Looked up the definition of Professional and came back "engaged in by persons receiving financial return". Although it doesn't really matter because it's a title, it's kind of annoying seeing people saying they're a professional Halo player when they haven't won a single thing at an event. I think Status Quo is gonna be the team that beats Ambush. I've heard too many great things about their teamwork.
  11. True dat man. I've missed the Halo forum days in it's prime, hopefully this will bring it all back. I'm hopeful!
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