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  1. I'm sure you know 98% of the people lurking this forum don't know those players. And whoever said strangepurple - just because he was one of the first known pro players, doesn't make him in the top 20.
  2. Throwdown already has population of 400-500 people playing at one time. There's no reason to separate this playlist into two just for the sake of radar. Can't imagine how low of a population that playlist would have.
  3. That's what I was going to say. Totz on a pro team? I don't even think he has Halo 4.
  4. There is no way on Earth, that Ambush would change up their roster at this time.
  5. Real question. Did Virgin Gaming kill Halo?
  6. Snakebite played on Status Quo for the Nashville event. Think that's it though
  7. Strafing didn't work when I was trying to avoid the whole teaming AR'ing me.
  8. I thought that too. But creating the worst setup would be too easy to do
  9. Just spent 3 hours of my Sunday watching this. no regrets That skype call saved Halo.
  10. Used to go over to my friends house to play H2 a lot but nothing competitive. I got a 360 and when Halo 3 came out I grinded the crap out of it and saw recaps of when MLG was on TV.
  11. KINNZE

    GFX Thread

    Good lord you're fast. Thanks so much!!
  12. Thought that was pretty good Forde. You kept me watching the whole video, you did a great job analyzing. Destiny is gonna be one of those games that take on a lot of followers but I don't know how competitive it'll be tbh
  13. But it's all about that 'Day One' console and controller! I'm sure we'll all adapt to whatever happens and in 2 years we'll be laughing over how we reacted. Microsoft usually knows what they're doing.
  14. KINNZE

    GFX Thread

    Hey can anyone make a signature bar logo type thing everyone has nowadays.. that says 'Pure Fan" with this as the logo. (just the lion head)
  15. I wouldn't say that.. Pure is coming back stronger than ever for this tournament!
  16. The way he just moved up the ranks like that from a halo coach to being a big name with 343i.. he's certainly a role model in my book.
  17. Didn't want it to be taken the wrong way, but ok
  18. He'll prob delete that tweet. But, i don't see Classic losing much.
  19. I see what you're saying. But, I'd rather see someone who has sniper over someone who has the flag. It depends on the situation, and who's going off.
  20. KINNZE

    NBA Thread

    I thought everyone who basically did Beyond was part of HaloCouncil.. everyone except for u4ix lol
  21. I live in Nashville, along with a million other gamers it seems. This is a convenient year for us Tennessee and Kentucky players with Knoxville being so close
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