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  1. The word "Titanfall" is banned in the chat.
  2. Haha this is awesome. Is that a sentinel beam being used as the flag?!
  3. BRO, shoulda brought her to the gym with you. Kill two birds with one stone!
  4. So what that map tells us is that the Iron Gaming HQ is in south east Michigan.
  5. Hey I checked the bonafide boarding website and couldn't find the bonafide hazmat suit that's being modeled in the picture. Anyone know of where I can find it or is it an exclusive?
  6. Haha so you're saying Tennessee is making it to the Elite 8 huh
  7. Sad part is that most of these players are in their 20's.
  8. I know I'm probably not the first to say it but Wichita State and Duke totally fucked my bracket.
  9. Well, this is random. Shoulda had it for Halo 3
  10. If Ogre 2 is on the team.. Final Boss.
  11. I don't know if this has been mentioned, haven't really read throughout this thread but I was on Halo 3 the other day and the population of MLG playlist was higher than Throwdown on Halo 4. I'm talking extremely low numbers here (100's). However, that's a pretty surprising statistic. Also, I miss the days that it didn't take more than 3-5 minutes to find a match.. with decently skilled players.
  12. Nice video, I'm enjoying the amount of content you've been putting out Voom.
  13. Ok thanks for the confirm - I thought for sure it was Aptitude because he tweeted saying it was him, plus you already had Chigskis up there.
  14. Finished in 12th for Week 2! ..I guess there's a loop hole that I know for a fact "ChilliestName82" was doing. You can dashboard in the pregame lobby if you match someone good and it won't count against you. Also, CrawlingRoach was Aptitude.. he was ineligible anyway. I'm kinda curious to see who will get qualified due to all the people who aren't eligible for a variety of reasons. ---- Seems like this week they'll be an extreme challenge. Used up all my quits and I'm only on 3 wins.
  15. It was just one of those instances where you animate him and he knocks him out of it. Happens a lot actually when I don't think it should. Thus, making him drop the flag.
  16. Uhh does he even play video games anymore? He coulda been so good if he just kept playing
  17. It's really annoying if they are trolling. People look up to them and it seems like they just goof off 99% of the time.
  18. PGL - Ninja, Elitest, Blaze, RyaNoob Warriors - Cloud, Goofy, Legit, StrongSide was also mentioned by Maniac on twitter.
  19. Well that escalated quickly.
  20. All I know is that whatever team RyaNoob is on, if they play Classic.. he'll beat them.
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