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  1. As we've seen with Fortnite and LoL, the free game approach works. Hope they would do this but don't see them doing it, because it isn't just one game.. it's 4 games with 3 of them including remastered versions. Also, they just gave away $1M in prize money in an event where they had to have lost money doing, so I'm thinking they aren't in a position to make things free.
  2. Funny, we used to all want to be Neighbor when he showed no emotion. Complaining how someone celebrated should be last on the list of the Halo discussion. Think players are just mad that these guys won a lot of money and were successful playing a lousy game. Pretty cool to see a 16 year old excel and win that much, imo. Glad we are getting a new wave of "Halo Champions" instead of seeing the same names over and over. Might bring those old guys down to earth a bit
  3. Such an interesting game. The concept, mechanics and overall game is amazing. Blizzard does a great job at maintaining this game and keeping it fresh. What makes it so toxic are the players. Doesn't surprise me that players get a high off being in control of someone else's rank. And I don't think they can really do anything to change that.. unless they did something based on your individual performance. But that would be toxic too because everyone would be playing DPS. Best bet is to play with people you know or play until you meet people lol
  4. But someone over at 343i thinks sprint is a great idea though
  5. Agreed 100%. It wasn’t a thing because no one had incentive to play it and all the incentive to play Halo 5 even if H3A was a better game.
  6. Just gonna hope he didn't mean what he said then. If they are integrating LAN on MCC, they should be using that until they come out with a completely new game. From my current experience of waiting in a 15 minute queue to play Team Hardcore.. makes me think they need more traffic over on MCC. Fix some tweaks and direct the community over there and it'll be great. Halo 6 should be a simple as can be. Go back to the mechanics of Halo 2/Halo 3, symmetrical maps, with a Halo 3 ranking system. Provide it with some incentive to play (tournaments) and Halo will be back in it's prime. Tried to watch the tournament this past weekend, and the setup was amazing. Main stage was awesome, production was great. But damn, it was so hard to keep watching because the game was so boring. I felt like i was forcing myself to watch rather than being engaged. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
  7. So what's next for Halo? Is Halo 5 still the game to play? Is MCC getting an overhaul and making tournaments out of that? Or are we all waiting for a new game like Halo 6? Trying to get more involved and figure out what I should be playing! Thanks guys
  8. For me, it's just uncomfortable to use and would rather the Battle Rifle. Which is where this whole discussion started. Played years of Reach and was totally used to the DMR single shot from the start so I don't think it's so much about the shooting mechanics.
  9. Don’t know why this was hard as shit to read. I mentioned I didn’t know much about the analytics (which you seem to do) but rather giving an honest opinion of playing the playlist for a few weeks. I imagine a day’s work of tweaks over at 343 would solve a bunch of these flaws. And to the guys who said H3 on MCC is better, I agree! People played the old Halo’s because they were fun, and tournaments gave incentive which made it so huge. Halo 5 isn’t fun for more than a few days of initially playing it with friends. No the magnum is not the only reason, but yes it’s part of the reason why competitive isn’t fun. You get tired of it fast, putting it in simple terms.. it’s boring.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Haven’t been involved with Halo for a while so wasn’t aware it’s been a broken record of an argument lol
  11. I’d like to know how many “casuals” who are actually going to watch this event were effected by this. Sure it’s bad taste, but I’d bet a majority of people would rather have a Halo icon with the upmost knowledge of the game and honest opinions do the castings.
  12. Can't just say H3 Playlist was terrible without explaining a little. Maps are balanced, excellent remakes and are way better than any of the current maps. Maybe H2 BR is too easy, I'll agree with you there. But H5 Magnum being "the best starting weapon Halo has had in 15 years" is a little extreme. I don't know much about all the analytics as you prob seem to do to make that accusation but plain-and-simple Magnums are boring/aren't fun to use and the reason no ones playing it. If they were anywhere close to being the best starting weapon Halo has had in 15 years, I'm pretty sure they'd have more people playing this game for fun rather than playing it to win a $1M tournament.
  13. What was the tweet that T2 made? He must've deleted it because I can't find it. Thanks in advance
  14. Only read what was said about it on the last page here but why on earth did 343i remove Halo 3 Classic playlist? I mean, they had to have put in a ton of effort for those maps. To have it replaced by a playlist where if you changed the primary and put sprint back in, you'd have Halo 5 again. Am I wrong? The stats for this playlist can't be THAT bad. IMO, 1. They should've added H2 BR to competitive a long time ago, and not pistols. 2. They could've added H2 BR to their remodeled Halo 3 maps. 3. Should've made H3 Classic competitive. We're at a point where they think we want Grifball, Action Sack, and Infection all in separate perma playlists.
  15. Took me a while to realize T2 has two different meanings in this
  16. Sucks but I don't blame em, nothing's free nowadays ---- Could be totally misinformed - I don't see how Halo will be benefiting from this upcoming tournament. "A prize share of $1M" sure sounds nice but how many people are actually going to attend or even watch the event? Shoulda saved up that money and put it towards a tournament for the prime of next Halo.
  17. KINNZE

    NBA Thread

    Hey my name is Geoff
  18. KINNZE

    NBA Thread

    Overnight contenders with who? Pelicans? Haha ..said it was one among many problems for the Lakers.
  19. Name: Geoff Kinns Gamertag: KINNZE Games: Halo and Call of Duty Area: Hollywood, Los Angeles
  20. KINNZE

    NBA Thread

    I think one of the problems for the Lakers (among many) is playing #9. I've been seeing that dude get crossed up on so many highlight reels, he's either terrible or he's getting too much playing time to be averaging 4 points a game.
  21. You sound like me when I was in high school along with being a runner. It was insanely hard for me to gain weight. You need to keep eating, that's the hardest part. Protein shakes throughout the day help. When you go to the gym, don't workout the same muscles every day.. you need to let them grow. Work out each muscle once or twice a week with heavier weights and lower reps. Stay on a constant workout and meal plan, and you'll see huge results in a couple month's time. Hope this helps!
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