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  1. I'm 27. The money isn't the point. The point is that you shouldn't just forget about 343/MS shoving out a very unfinished product that got 100% ignored from after H5 came out up until now. It's why so many companies just do whatever because they know that people will just forget about it after a year and it will happen over again. If people didn't keep complaining about the MCC, I 100% promise you these improvements would not exist.


    Great, I'm 26 - so we can have a civil discussion here. If money isn't the point then why is "I paid $60 for it" one of the first things that comes up? I get it now - they've wronged you guys by giving you hope for a new game to somewhat relive your old memories, and create new ones based off that, and they've fallen short every time where you don't think they listen to you.


    I think the thing I'm trying to push here is, do you give up and just remain doubtful? Or do you continue to contribute until they get it right? Right now they're literally asking for your help. I've been on Insider every day giving my 2 cents matching the same people and I've never matched any of you.



    @@KINNZE, do you want people to reach out and give feedback, or do you want to call people spoiled and entitled for saying what they want? Pick one.


    Look man, I had apologized for calling you spoiled and entitled. It came across as that to me because I couldn't understand why you all were acting with such negativity and bitterness. I'm sure they'd appreciate some constructive feedback - so I look forward to seeing your discussion in discord, because that's where we're having it.

  2. its more like people here have a great passion for whatever halo game they play. Postums has weighed the options and good halo lost. Its just what happened. Halo is a game we love and its frustrating to see the same mistakes being made that were made 14 years ago or 4 years ago: especially when you note that during the first hint of this update we were promised no cross game but then we lost that fucking too. Like try it our way once.



    Mcc also killed og halo 3 and the halo2/halo1 xbc community. All 3 have picked back up recently, at least halo1/2. Its not just $60/$360 dollars. As of this very moment, classic halo would have been better off without mcc. We here want to correct that and have very, very little power.



    Appreciate you letting me help understand you now instead of dealing with the sarcasm in other posts. Guess it's easier for me to get past it because I had taken a break from Halo most of those 4 years and hadn't dealt with the constant let down after let down. I know you guys mean well, I'm just trying to help in any way I can. Wasn't expecting the amount of negativity and doubtfulness as soon as I posted a picture of those playlists.

  3. Yes based 343 being nice enough to get the thing people paid $60 in working order and like it was advertised. We're all just entitled I guess.



    Good luck holding that grudge my dude. I used to be like that too and realized it wasn't helping towards any solution. They're looking for all the help they can get right now from Insider. For people to play and find the mistakes and talk to them about it. Maybe I'm unfamiliar with these forums but the sarcasm and entitlement made you come across as spoiled and that's why I said it - I apologize if I offended you. Also.. it's $60 man, 4 years ago. Minimum wage job here in California will get you that in 6 hours. Is that really worth 4 years of bitterness? lol

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  4. Dang, didn't think I'd ruin all of your days with that lol. I think they're doing fine, they'll be making adjustments. They don't owe us anything. Pretty sure this is a new team than the one that threw the game away 4/5 years ago and the guys leading the MCC update team have been pretty good at communicating with the community.  A bunch of you guys are acting super spoiled and act like they have done you so wrong. Be grateful they've actually chosen to fix this game


    It's my understanding that AR/SMG starts will be limited to only the Quickplay playlist, on a low weighting. So no FFA (I hope) and almost certainly no BTB AR starts.


    He has. Many people have. They're just stuck in their ways.



    Bro, I see you in the discord chat. Express your concern there. We were all talking about it today

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  5. postums said he's adjusting based on populations. the crossgame playlist is always going to be in the top, so it will never get rid of. what's going to happen is that it will draw people away from the individual 4v4 playlists, making them suffer, and that will be validate their removal. Then we'll have the classic "no h4 i quit" all over again. it's like 4 years of data is being thrown out the window. 



    tho obviously the best answer is mix tape playlists, but they don't want to invest the time in that. 



    Why don't you express that concern with him? Seems like you've got a valid point.

  6. Remove pointless-ass quickplay and this would be pretty much perfect. Why do they make the same mistakes over and over, I just don't get it. We're so damn close to a decent playlist lineup for the first time in 4 years and again we stumble and fall right before the finish line. Story of being a Halo fan.



    They're well aware how we feel. It was said that these are the Day 1 playlists and will adjust accordingly with population. 

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  7. Spent quite a few hours playing the update beta.


    Graphics look extremely sharp, and it’s smooth. Shots were working as Halo 3 should be.. by leading your shots a little bit. The in-game menus and overall ‘finding a game’ works better than MCC in it’s current state.


    I’m very hopeful for this update. Think this will restore some of the Halo community and bring players back. And when they integrate LAN.. it’s a wrap.

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  8. It's alright guys, they'll announce some new Halo release for PC at E3 once this all dies down. It'll be $60 for the base game. You won't be able to get it on Steam, just the Microsoft Store. And it'll run strictly on Microsoft dedicated servers with armor unlockables from purchaseable REQ packs. No forge or theater though. Oh and ranking + custom server browser will be coming some time in Q3 of 2021.


    Even better, they'll make it such a huge file game.. it'll only be playable on the $500 Xbox One X

  9. You'd complain just as much if they gave a date and then couldn't meet it for whatever reason. See: MCC in 2014.



    You're right, I would but only because these are forums and this is where we contribute our thoughts, suggestions and discussions.


    It's nice when developers set a date and follow through with it. The players appreciate that.

    How low have we gotten with Halo where we appreciate their honesty when they say they don't know when they're gonna be able to update a game that's been out for years..


    Did I miss the discussion on this?




    Major points:

    • LAN support being added to MCC (PLEASE GOD MULTI HALO TOURNEY)
    • Servers converged to one type of dedicated server (this is huge for ease of fixes, you try maintaining 4 separate server code bases)
    • Dope new menu
    • First flight goes out soon(ish)



    Being super annoying by picking out the few flaws in that article, but the thing that bugged me is the vagueness of when anything will be released. They didn't have a deadline for anything and it's all up in the air. "Hopefully in the next few weeks" "Targeting for later this summer". 


    Give the players a date! Something to look forward to, to mark on their calendars. After reading that it makes me think non of this will actually happen because as a professional company they can't even make their own public deadlines.


    In other news, I just got host-booted in Team Hardcore on MCC

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  11. Kinda like the Blazers were a "confident" three seed this year. Just face the facts, the Wolves are a team full of non 3 point shooting threats. You'll always lose in the playoffs with that core, and that coach. Times are changing, you can't just Taj Gibson your way through a playoff series anymore. 


    One thing is for sure though, Anthony Davis is a man among small children. I feel bad for the Blazers they had a great year, all of them kinda just under performed at the wrong time. Sorry amo :(


    Only said that because I don't see any other team being better EXCEPT maybe the Pelicans when they get Cousins back. Obviously Warriors and Rockets are the 1-2, and OKC is most likely breaking up the big three. PG13 going to Lakers is an easy assumption, and I think KAT will be similar to AD. I agree with you on the Blazers, they always seem to fall short come playoff time and I guess Dame time only exists in the regular season. 

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  12. has andrew wiggins improved at all the last 2 seasons?  he seems skill capped and still depends on his athleticism 



    I feel like he has, and he's got a lot more potential to go. I can see the Wolves being a confident 3rd seed next year in the case there are no injuries

  13. And people obsessing with medals too. Guy on my team goes DPS on attack, gets bunch of golds blah blah blah. Then other people on my team take DPS on defense so he flexes to tank. Things aren't going well so he says I'm going back to Genji to try to keep my medals so that I don't rank down a lot when we lose...


    Extremely infuriating. I can go on and on. Duos and 3 stacks not joining chat. Nobody helping the healers out with the tracer in the backline.


    I'm hearing that 6v6 elim competitive in arcade is more fun at the moment so I'll give that a try.


    I used to full stack with my RL friends. That was a lot of fun but unfortunately most of them aren't at my level and don't take the game too seriously. So we lost a lot



    Medals have nothing to do with how much you rank up or rank down. But yeah I've been in situations like that, players are too prideful. They don't realize in the moment that you'll probably not play with these teammates again and you're only hurting your own progress in the game by being toxic. 

  14. There has been a lot of discussion about going back to H3 (using MCC) and I think that won't be the worst idea but I would love to explore the idea of a multi game event.


    I think 4/5 Halo games is a little much but a H1 1v1/2v2 event, then an H3 event (I love H2 but I think H3 shows off better than H2 visually) and then finally an H5 event because the players have put in some amazing work into that game and it's unfair to them to revert after we just had a World Championship. I would like to settings adjustments though.


    I think this could provide a solid base for success since you're catering to a wider audience and I would imagine that it would spark a lot of positive coverage leading into the event. Also, with MLG at the helm this can be a surefire win.


    The biggest setback, as with anything at this scale, is money. I don't think an event like this will be profitable and a lot of it banks on sparking that nostalgia which does not always equal to profit.


    It would be a sick event though...

    Really curious to know how many H5 players played and competed because they loved the game rather than there being a $1M tournament for it


    I don’t see a better conclusion to a game than a world championship

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