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  1. Geoff Kinns "KINNZE" Halo 3 Los Angeles, CA
  2. Great, I'm 26 - so we can have a civil discussion here. If money isn't the point then why is "I paid $60 for it" one of the first things that comes up? I get it now - they've wronged you guys by giving you hope for a new game to somewhat relive your old memories, and create new ones based off that, and they've fallen short every time where you don't think they listen to you. I think the thing I'm trying to push here is, do you give up and just remain doubtful? Or do you continue to contribute until they get it right? Right now they're literally asking for your help. I've been on Insider every day giving my 2 cents matching the same people and I've never matched any of you. Look man, I had apologized for calling you spoiled and entitled. It came across as that to me because I couldn't understand why you all were acting with such negativity and bitterness. I'm sure they'd appreciate some constructive feedback - so I look forward to seeing your discussion in discord, because that's where we're having it.
  3. Appreciate you letting me help understand you now instead of dealing with the sarcasm in other posts. Guess it's easier for me to get past it because I had taken a break from Halo most of those 4 years and hadn't dealt with the constant let down after let down. I know you guys mean well, I'm just trying to help in any way I can. Wasn't expecting the amount of negativity and doubtfulness as soon as I posted a picture of those playlists.
  4. I'm really not man lol, just assuming if you were around for Halo 2/3 then you'd be an adult by now?
  5. Good luck holding that grudge my dude. I used to be like that too and realized it wasn't helping towards any solution. They're looking for all the help they can get right now from Insider. For people to play and find the mistakes and talk to them about it. Maybe I'm unfamiliar with these forums but the sarcasm and entitlement made you come across as spoiled and that's why I said it - I apologize if I offended you. Also.. it's $60 man, 4 years ago. Minimum wage job here in California will get you that in 6 hours. Is that really worth 4 years of bitterness? lol
  6. Ok yeah that makes sense lol. I've seen your long detailed letter before and I get the whole bitterness towards them. Trying to express that they could do everything at this point and somehow you guys would find something that's wrong. Never seen so much hostility and grudge over a 5 title/$60 game that came out 4 years ago.
  7. Dang, didn't think I'd ruin all of your days with that lol. I think they're doing fine, they'll be making adjustments. They don't owe us anything. Pretty sure this is a new team than the one that threw the game away 4/5 years ago and the guys leading the MCC update team have been pretty good at communicating with the community. A bunch of you guys are acting super spoiled and act like they have done you so wrong. Be grateful they've actually chosen to fix this game Bro, I see you in the discord chat. Express your concern there. We were all talking about it today
  8. Why don't you express that concern with him? Seems like you've got a valid point.
  9. They're well aware how we feel. It was said that these are the Day 1 playlists and will adjust accordingly with population.
  10. Spent quite a few hours playing the update beta. Graphics look extremely sharp, and it’s smooth. Shots were working as Halo 3 should be.. by leading your shots a little bit. The in-game menus and overall ‘finding a game’ works better than MCC in it’s current state. I’m very hopeful for this update. Think this will restore some of the Halo community and bring players back. And when they integrate LAN.. it’s a wrap.
  11. Didn't realize that. Thank you
  12. Even better, they'll make it such a huge file game.. it'll only be playable on the $500 Xbox One X
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