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  1. Here's a little teaser I put together for UMG's upcoming event. Excited to be filming at the event as well. Let me know what you guys think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD3uVykuY3E&list=UUeRO029n466zBm3Hrb5xIRA
  2. Vimeo now has the same copyright claim software running. I don't know why this is a big shock to everyone. It sucks for sure but it doesn't matter where you go on the internet, eventually you won't be able to put up copyrighted content anywhere.
  3. Finally got a chance to play the Beta last night, only to see Bungie tweet a half hour warning
  4. I think that actually looks sick. Got my interest piqued to see what the "element" is. Also, just hearing the theme music in at the end got me going.
  5. So, there's tweets of pictures of Comic Con with big banners that say Xbox tournaments powered by MLG. Also, Ghandi and Puckett are there about to go live and talk about this. Anybody know what this is? Also, apparently I don't know how to embed a tweet =/
  6. Yeah, I was reading Frank's tweets like ha ha trolling... wait, now I'm confused. Cyren posted a picture of him texting that he's leaving beyond. Did we get trolled or nah?
  7. So, I've just joined the UMG team as a videographer for events and youtube content. I am primarily a Halo guy and have followed the competitive scene since 2008 and only recently started following COD when Halo tanked and pros transferred over. My questions for you folks: -Do you know what teams are attending? Any big teams not attending? -Who would you like to see get video time during the event? If you can post a picture of them as well, that would be helpful. I know most of the names but won't be able to pick them all out of the crowd at the event. -What kind of youtube content would you watch for COD? Interviews with players, latest news, other?
  8. After watching Destiny streamed for a while I can easily say, not hyped. It just looks boring. No one playing it seems that interested and I see no one getting excited or wanting to win. I get that it's only a small slice but still, not wowing me at all. Aim assist looks crazy as well but who knows without actually playing.
  9. Destiny looks like the go to game for big team style action but definitely not for arena/competitive play.
  10. Everyone excited for Destiny?! Guess that's why they pushed it on PS4 so hard. No way they can compete with Halo now.
  11. New spartan looks badass. Wasn't there a name that was mentioned for him in the trailer? I watched it at work and had the volume on the low so I couldn't tell.
  12. I'll be that guy who says Halo 3. I've been there from the beginning but never played competitively until 3 and therefore enjoy that one the most. Also, don't underestimate how good it can be with dedicated servers and 60fps. A lot of our complaints about the game will go away because of that. That being said, I will seek to play 1 and 2 competitively for the first time and will most likely get lost in them as well. My main reason for liking 3 is the sniper. Tearing it up with the sniper in 3 is so rewarding.
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