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  1. I am glad you enjoyed it Captain! Admittedly I messed up the spelling lol :/ But that rocket though, reminds me of playing HCE with weapons flying all around the maps. Respect man
  2. Thanks man! Not the biggest fan of the new style of editing montages, more about the editor and less about the gameplay. I definitely try to show more gameplay than editing. LMFAO you are so correct, huge oversight on my part, thank you!
  3. https://youtu.be/XGQrYK5keEU?list=PLNX9o8yjGdr3Qcv46s0O_3GP8BvYs8UXk I edited this new montage featuring GodDammitDan & myself. Would love to hear some feedback... The only thing is it my not be viewable on mobile due to copyrighted music. The good thing is this montage goes hard and you'll wanna watch it on a big screen anyways! Thanks for checking it out and look forward to hearing some thoughts
  4. Thanks bud, glad you enjoyed it! You should defiantly get it if you have a xbox one
  5. Been playing Halo since 2002. Good with teamwork, callouts, and pickups. I like to keep a positive attitude and don't care for teammates who get down when losing or rage quit. I like to play 5-6 times a week and am available for all cups. Halo 5 Montage: https://youtu.be/Z-Y0P1ouT4w XBL: Ben HaMbUrGl3r Twitter: Brett Enquist
  6. Been playing halo since 2002 and just started making Halo content last year. I hope the community enjoys this montage, let me know what you think! https://youtu.be/Z-Y0P1ouT4w
  7. Been playing since 2002. Have a competitive background and play everyday. Like you said I'm level headed and would love to try to run with you guys. XBL: Ben HaMbUrGl3r
  8. My team just dissolved, I play from 7pm till 1am every week night. I know my callouts, set ups, and have been playing halo since 2002 so I know teamwork. Msg me back on here or XBL @ Ben HaMbUrGl3r
  9. I have been scrolling through the forums and on google but can't seem to find a list for weapon respaws for HCS. If anyone would be kind enough to help I would be grateful!??
  10. Thanks for checking it out FireAtWill!
  11. Hi all, Just joined the forum but have been following the youtube page/twitter for a while now. I've played Halo competitively in my city since the CE days (not trying to go pro, just having fun) but I just made my first Montage and thought someone might like it! <---- all footage and editing by myself. Feel free to add me on XBL: Ben HaMbUrGl3r
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