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  1. Damn, Cratos throwing mad shade at his old org. Didn't see that coming. Now no one's family is safe.
  2. I'm actually hoping for a Ryanoob-Blaze Infamous reunion on Cryptik.
  3. "Peek-a-bubu take my dubu." --Goldenboy Welcome back. We've missed you.
  4. Catastrophe (Musa, Brainstorm, Tire Iron, Articc) up 5-1 on Str8 right now. https://www.twitch.tv/acetv
  5. In the future when managers wish they had a little more say and control in decision-making and roster moves with 343/ESL/HCS, they can all thank Showtime for the precedent set over this situation. Managers are about to be stripped of all their power. A lifetime ban for Showtime from competing/coaching/managing in Halo would be fitting, IMO. He can go to COD with E6.
  6. I think it was to determine what eight teams would be in pro bracket for St. Louis and Vegas, like Tibby said.
  7. Also, I love that a potential EG (Roy, Lunchbox, bubu dubu, Shooter) is scrimming nV right now, but everyone's too caught up about radar or no radar to even notice (I'm in the no radar camp btw). Never change Beyond. Never change.
  8. Guys, it all makes sense now. If PGL hadn't changed their name this event would've run smoothly. Damn Millennials.
  9. Nav about to go up in everybody's book. He just got the top forum endorsement one can receive. https://oddshot.tv/shot/UzpQuznpQuxAvJR5sF-MTusS
  10. What's definitely sadder than anyone's casting is the fact that you're so upset over upvotes and downvotes on an internet FORUM. Like this comment if you agree.
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