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  1. State. Rhode Island Tag. SloPPY KiSS 1.72 KD w/11500 kills and 3800 assists Played semi competitively in Halo 3; local tournaments and GameBattles at the time. Looking for a team for premades, customs, and LAN events. Send a message, friend request, reply to this ..whatever your heart desires. Can fit any role, on any team, with whatever type of players; lets make money!
  2. SloPPY KiSS Competitive Anything CTF on Dispatch
  3. State. Rhode Island Tag. SloPPY KiSS (feel free to add) 11508 kills / 6692 deaths = 1.72 KD (3828 assists) Do not have a team, but would love to participate in a local LAN event. Yes I am also looking for a team, but with solid players. MSG if there's a spot open!
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