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  1. Attendees:










    Dusty; and




    We should have a couple streams up.


    @hardway - Is there a way to commentate from a different location? just curious


    Also, we will be commentating the stream on Saturday, and potentially the other days as well.

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  2. Im from Cheyenne, Wyoming, currently living in Laramie. Wondering if there are any other people near me who wanna game it up?

    If you're trying to get the beat down in 1v1s in Laramie, i'd oblige you. I have a lan setup with NHE... just pm me. Also we could both drive down to Loveland to lan sometime.

  3. Let me expand on my opinion. I am a fan of most of the new maps. They're a lot of fun and incredibly refreshing to play on, but I can't say I've played anything than downrush more than a handful of times and it would be tough for me to say objectively why a map would be good or bad from a competitive standpoint without me playing on it.


    Regardless, we have a few things to consider here. The biggest being that this is a multi-gaming tournament, and it sounds like we are hoping and encouraging others to sign up for multiple games. There's a handful of Team Fortress 2 guys who have responded on their forums looking forward to playing Halo CE and are excited to see why I consider the game to be deep. It's likely that a couple of teams sign up that came to play other games. Most likely, they have never heard of NHE or that new maps exist. So on top of the fact that certain groups play the new maps more than others, there are people coming that have no idea they exist. I mean Downrush is pretty straightforward but I still wouldn't force it in and would leave it at a veto system.


    As Devilman said, Decidia isn't even on NHE, but according to NTG Free it should be up by December. How do they get these maps ready for NHE? They have to rebuild them completely right? I'd imagine that it needs to be tested a bit, but I'm completely clueless with this process. I think the Beach LAN is a better place to enforce the new maps in a tournament setting. I think adding Downrush as a veto map for this tournament might be the best option, similar to BL5.

    Agreed. Downrush should be played if both teams agree.

  4. I'm curious of your opinion on Missingno's "new" RR with the sniper in top room. I haven't tried it yet and I was wondering if you have.

    I haven't yet. There's been talk about doing that for years. I'd have to try it. Although with the addition of a snipe it may not be as balanced; the rocket may need to be added somewhere. I'll have to try it before I form an opinion though.


    Any idea on how the prize money will be disbursed?

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