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  1. No worries. I think you are BX? I was told you were coming but no worries, i've taken you off the list.
  2. Attendees: Doughboy; Prime; System; Sin; Cujjer; Trix; Achilles; Kruser; Dusty; and One. We should have a couple streams up. @hardway - Is there a way to commentate from a different location? just curious Also, we will be commentating the stream on Saturday, and potentially the other days as well.
  3. Idk about done, just dormant for the time being.
  4. This is going to be a great event. Stoked that there will be commentary and stream up. I'm taking Prime & snipy > jordy and jownz - any takers on a side bet?
  5. I got 3rd overall. Looks like you ranking me 3rd overall in your last rankings is coming to fruition, haha.
  6. If you're trying to get the beat down in 1v1s in Laramie, i'd oblige you. I have a lan setup with NHE... just pm me. Also we could both drive down to Loveland to lan sometime.
  7. Yeah those FFAs were fun. I wonder if the other heats are up? That was the first round Legend got 1st - he must have been saving it for the finals :\ Good job commentating Hard Way. Those FFAs are so fast paced and so much is going on that commentating is really hard. You make it seem very easy. Kudos.
  8. Grant - you can always play decidia during free games at the event...
  9. Grant, there's just not enough notice for decidia and arguably DR. You would have a huge advantage over everyone. Or anyone that plays that map on a normal basis. I'd say no this time and potentially yes for other tourneys. Just my 3* cents
  10. If it's $1000 I'd say top 2 get paid imo. If someone has to fly cross country for $300+ a ticket plus all other costs he can't recoup his money even if he gets first if top 3 are splitting that $. Give 3rd place a non-cash prize.
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