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  1. Hey guys! So Esportsarena is holding another LAN! Message me on twitter (DMs are open) if you are looking to come, I have a group chat specifically for team finding. Address: 120 W 5th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701 Date: June 18 Time: FFA: 10 am, 4V4: 1 pm Cost: FFA: $10, 4V4: Team pass is $160 My twitter: @jk_whosoever Their twitter: @esportsarena Prize pool: $3000... 1st- 2000, 2nd- 1000 Oh and, Frosty, Commonly, and Str8 Sick will be there, so it'd be a great way to hang out, learn new things, and have fun.
  2. Talk to me SH0WTIME04 dank teamSkype: JosiahsaBruin dank teamEmail: [email protected] dank teamInstagram: Josiah_Kim
  3. Is this Halo CE on Xbox One (through Halo MCC) or Halo CE using he Xbox 360? Please respond so that I know which one to practice on
  4. Team: Dual Threat Gamertags: Hughsmomisfat2 nice memedank tSH0WTIME04 *If all else fails, I will be doing a splitscreen with Hughsmomisfat2's gamertag

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