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  1. Yeah kinda shitty deals seeing as how xbone is still beta and people buying during beta were supposed to be getting a discount but whatever...


    I've been flying around for hours looking for c3 gimbaled lasers for my vulture.  Can't find them anywhere.  PITA!  I wish they implemented a system where you could buy parts for your other ship.  My T6 has a waaaaaaaay better jump range and it would be much easier to get around to look for these freaking beam lasers.


    Can't wait for them to combine the PC powerplay with xbone.  It doesn't work properly on the xbone now.  But it was just announced that the emperor was murdered so I wouldn't be surprised if a civil war breaks out within the empire between the leaders.  Federation and alliance will snatch up empire space as well.


    The xbone update has been pretty buggy though.  The game is largely still playable but I keep getting dc'd more than before.  The update did add better sound though.  The game already sounded amazing with headphones on but now it's even better.  Loving the sound of the vulture.  Sounds sinister as phuuuuk.

  2. So looks like they only released it on xbox.  I've only been able to find one game though and it was laggy.  The dude shooting me looked like he was shooting waaaaay above me.  Then disconnected.  The new ship is hella freaking maneuverable though.  Pretty fun to fly.


    Seems like either my connection isn't good for it or their servers aren't the greatest for it.  The player base isn't huge so seems the same as if im playing halo against europeans.

  3. 6.3GB update today with cqc released.  Tried playing but couldn't find a match but only tried for a couple of minutes and went to farm CZ's.  Should be out for pc though.  At first they said xbox would get it first but then said it would release all at the same time.  Still waiting on gamescom announcement.

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  4. The wipe is only for the Xbox One and I'm playing on PC. I'm using a Vulture for combat. And what 72 stop route are you talking about?


    Oh.  Wish I had it on PC since the proximity voice works.  Watched a vid where some dude was pirating in a Python and interdicted another player and told him to drop cargo.  Guy was in a viper with no cargo so the pirate just asked him to sing the spongebob theme song which the guy did so he let him go.  It was pretty hilarious.  Plus PC has the microtransactions for designs on the ship and some of them look pretty awesome.  More than willing to spend a couple dollars on that, supposed to be coming out for xbone soon but idk when.


    How much was your vulture + mods?  Looking on shipbulder it's gonna cost me like 20-22mil.


    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0VEQdHKD5yhWGJiYlpQRVdjVGs/view?pli=1 it's a pdf.  Should be the same for PC since rares are specific to certain stations in certain systems.  It took me a couple days but it was nice to be out an about exploring.  Each leg takes about 1.5 hours and the last leg takes longer but like I said, I did a lot of side missions smuggling.

  5. Civil War Conflict Zones = $$$. Made 1.6 million in an hour


    Yep.  Did the 72 stop rare trading route and made like 8mil but it took forever.  The last leg alone took about 6 hours but I did do quite a bit of side missions smuggling slaves, drugs, and weapons.  Finally made it back to leesti and got back in my viper to fight.  I'm at 23mil.  Wondering if I should buy a vulture or save more and buy an imperial clipper.  Ran into someone using a clipper in a CZ.  Joined the opposite side and went after him.  Attacked the shit out of him from behind, dropped his shields, got his hull to 88% and was like haha he's going down.  Then he finally realized I was there, turned around and obliterated me in literally seconds.  IDK what he was using but I had full shields.  The clipper is hella fast and can carry more cargo than a type 7 and tons of weapons. 


    What ship are you using to fight?


    Gamescom is on Wednesday an developers are going to announce a bunch of stuff.  They already announced 3 new ships not including the new ones able to be used in the CQC mode they're releasing.  Just FYI the game is going to get a wipe before final release.  You will keep your ranks, cash, and they will sell all your ships and you keep that money too.  Not expected for a couple months though.


    Also can't wait for player owned factions.  Probably going to join the reddit factions when it happens.

  6. So I've been making bank in my Viper.  Saving to get a hauler big enough to make good profits off regular commodities instead having to do black market/rares.  Been thinking about upgrading to a vulture but I think you get less per kill if you have a bigger ship.


    Started making my way over to Leesti and George Lucas station which is the home base of the reddit community.  It was a 37 jump journey for me.  Stopped about half way when I had to refuel since there's a hi-res in the system and I wanna check it out for bounties.

  7. For people trying it out it's hard to get used to.  There's tutorials but they don't have any on screen information to show you what to do unless you're doing the traveling one.  I'd suggest checking out /r/eliteone on reddit or checking youtube.  Luckily my friend had already been playing so he was able to explain a ton of stuff to me.


    If you guys have questions I'll do my best to answer here.  I'm still figuring out things as well.



    I bought a Viper today. I plan to deck it out and run some combat zones this week. There's a civil war going on in Korwei right now, so I'll probably fly over there. I haven't been fighting much. The real money is in smuggling slaves. You can get 80,000CR-250,000CR in one trip, which can take 5 minutes. The biggest problem with smuggling though is that it does nothing for your rep for factions.


    I plan to focus on combat this week so I can get a hang for it. After that, I'll probably make a ship for exploring (which is cheap to make). I want to test out all the roles in this game so I know what I really like. As for the skins, I'm not sure. The only options I see is to use my rank logo as a decal, but that's only at certain stations.


    I haven't tried smuggling but I might today.  My battles have been pretty profitable.  Made 1mil in a battle the other day before I completely ran out of machine gun/cannon ammo.  I really want to get into exploring.  It can be cheap or expensive.  Was reading the best setup for it is like 20mil with ship and upgrades or you can use a cobra and do pretty good.  Want to make a trip to the center of the galaxy.  The only thing stopping me is if I want to jump on and just fight I wouldn't be able to because you have to fly back to the station you left your other ships at in order to use them.


    If you're going to to get into fighting I would suggest buying a shield cell bank.  The viper has an empty internal slot you can put it in.  It has like 2-4 charges on it depending on which one you buy and when your shields are low you can use it to boost your shields back up.  I was using the 2 charge one but then upgraded my power bank and was able to use the 4.  Helps a ton when you stop paying attention to what you're doing and chase an enemy into an area where you have no backup.  You do have to use it when your shields are still up though.  It doesn't work if your shields are down completely, you have to wait till they come up again and then use it to max our your shields again.


    Anacondas are worth 72k per kill and pythons 52k.  You also have to be shooting them when they explode to get paid.  You can do a ton of damage but if you're not hitting it when it explodes you don't get credit.  Was battling an anaconda yesterday and almost killed it myself but got close and had to run since their auto defense is usually pretty strong.  Boosted away, turned back and something else killed it and I got nothing for it.  Was super pissed, and kind of dumb system IMO.  When fighting anacondas and pythons I usually sit 2-3km out and hammer them with everything.  They're big so they're easy to hit at that range and usually they won't pay attention to you and just fight whatever is closer to them.  Further out than that and all my guns are out of range except my machine gun which is weak(G1).  Fighting gets hectic sometimes though.  Remembering to power manage, switch fire groups, switch sub systems, and then just maneuvering using engine and side/up/down thrusters.  It's a handful.


    I'm still not sure how to level up the galaxy factions.  The faction I'm allied with is only a system faction.

  8. Smuggling is too profitable to pass up, but I suck in avoiding the military scanning my cargo. Looked it up and I need to get a Heat Sink Launcher and start silent running when near docks to avoid detection, but not even that is a guarantee that I won't get scanned. The most important part is that I dock as quickly as possible. The stealth in this game ain't no joke.



    From what I've seen is people line up with the keyhole from far out, request docking, and either boost into the station at full speed or go slow in silent but running silent builds up heat and takes down your shields so if they scan you, you have no chance at escaping before getting blown up.  I've been building up cash from fighting in conflict zones.  Found a place where the conflict zone and space station are super close so if I get into trouble I can usually use the FSD and get out.  Had my canopy destroyed yesterday so a timer came up with my oxygen supply.  Was able to make it back to the space station in time though and cashed in my 500k. 


    My friend was running the long ass 72 stop trading around.  Towards the end of the last leg he blew up when trying to dock cuz he hit the wrong button and lost over a Mil in cargo. 


    The fighting in conflict zones is awesome though.  Just hate when I pop shots at an anaconda or python from far out and then they start chasing me all around.  Ranked up to aligned with the faction I'm fighting for so now if I'm getting hammered I usually just have to find a group of them and they focus fire on whoever is attacking me.  Also noticed that since being aligned, a lot more people attack me unprovoked while in the conflict zone.  The fights have been pretty massive and I've only been in low intensity zones.  Haven't had a chance at jumping into a high intensity zone though.  There was one in Eravate but I got a bounty there for accidentally shooting the wrong ship and now I can't go back for a week(real time).


    What are you running?  I'm running a Viper decked out for battle since it's fast and I can keep boosting away when I get into trouble.  I have a gimbaled cannon that I love.  It misses a lot if I'm far out but the sound of the explosion when it connects is so satisfying.  Also, do you know hot to add paint to your ship?  Saw a ship running with crossbones all over it.  Looked awesome.  I can't seem to figure it out, don't know if I have to  find decals or buy them or what.

  9. Was thinking about picking up a eurocom m5 in the mean time which should run this no prob.  That video in that link is... you can't even fight around a space station, unless you don't care about fines.


    Jumped into a military battle last night.  Was pretty awesome.  Aligned myself with the side with the anaconda and just hung around it for protections.  Was a pretty massive fight.  I ended up digging out because I took too much damage and wasn't making any money.  Was a pretty big fight though.  Also found out yesterday that my xbox is overheating.  Might be because it's been super hot and it's kind of dusty.  Glad I bought the warranty.

  10. Yeah I know it won't take much to run this game.  I'm fortunate enough that 3-6k doesn't really matter a whole lot.  Water cooling is expensive and I'm in Hawaii so it's worth it.  Probably gonna build in a sma8 which is like $500 by itself.

  11. Yeah the dude in the video was playing it on PC.  Much easier.  I don't have a PC to play it on atm.  Prob won't build one till the end of the year or next year.  Need the wife to get on board with me spending 3-6k on a pc. 


    Also, for anyone just watching the video of the game on xbox live I recommend going on youtube.  The video on live doesn't do it justice.

  12. Anyone else play this?  There's a free preview on xbox live but it's only 60mins and that's not enough time to finish the training.


    Some people are turned off by them giving a disclaimer about the game possibly not ever being finished so they're afraid to spend the $30.  The game is already HUGE.  There's a ridiculous amount of stars and places to explore.  Basically travel around the galaxy and do whatever you want, trade, bounty hunt, fight in military battles, exploring, anarchy zones(anything goes), mining, smuggling(hard).


    The graphics are pretty damn good.  It's slightly glitchy and some times loading your galaxy maps or system maps takes a while.  Played for about 6 hours straight yesterday and the game only crashed once but I don't know if it was my xbox or the game itself.


    Flying itself is hard to get used to.  And the bigger your ship the harder it is to fly due to inertia.


    The game already has a decent following on reddit and a few other places so I don't doubt the game will get finished eventually.  Right now it is hard to play with friends.  You basically have to get lucky and get into the same server.  In the latest update they're working on adding in the functionality to play with friends.


    With the size of the game and the current state of it, I'm already satisfied with my $30.



    This video the guy is flying an anaconda in a conflict zone so just fighting a bunch of people.  He's making it look easy but flying the anaconda is hard.  He's also using gimbaled weapons which are weaker but easier to use since they track for you.  You can use weapons that only shoot straight but are stronger.  Lasers you don't need to lead with but machine guns or anything shooting actual projectiles you do have to lead and the lead amount varies based on many factors.  He's fighting npc's but you can actually fight other people if you're in an anarchy zone. 


    There's a ton of youtube videos to see if the game is right for you.

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  13. Weapons tuning 2.0 is rubbish.  I agree with removing the auto aim and bullet mag would be a better idea.  I was still only playing for ToO  which even that I have everything you can possibly get from it.  With stupid maps like cauldron and thieves den being dropped I don't even want to do that any more.


    My friend got me into a game called Elite: Dangerous.  Free demo on xbox live.  Pretty in depth space game.  Almost like an xbox version of Eve Online.  Or at least that's what they're hoping.  Sooooooo be putting Destiny down, possibly for good.

  14. Their reason for nerfing ghorn is dumb.  Why don't we just stop tracking k/d so bad kids don't get gated at trials?


    Even ice breaker.  Not many use it in pvp.  It's basically a raid/pve gun.  At least they only added 18 seconds for a whole clip

  15. Well good thing I have a Patience and Time then...


    Thanks for the tips guys. I might give it a whirl this weekend. I need to do VoG more too, still no Fatebringer or Visions...


    Patience and Time doesn't help a whole lot to solo the beginning.  The invis doesn't last very long and you have to stay zoomed in to even stay invis.  Since you don't have fatebringer you could try using an icebreaker to take out groups of ads if you have that.

  16. The Burning Shrine was the first map to ever be in Trials and I've missed it since the first week. It is, by far, the best Trials map in my opinion.

    I did, however, thoroughly enjoy Pantheon, Black Shield and Widow's Court.


    Mostly because they allowed me to snipe.


    EDIT: And I also liked the one not too long ago that had the 3 platforms outside (where the flag spawned,) the ship in the back where the heavy ammo spawned and the stairs in the center that lead to the pipes and the catacombs.


    Thieves den.  I didn't like it too much but was able to snipe the crap out of people up top.


    Just got Thorn, it was fairly easy, don't know everyone makes it seem hard, also i feel that TLW is just a hundred times better.


    TLW has a much faster kill time if you're good with it.  Usually if I snipe I run TLW.  If I'm using shotty I use Thorn since the range on in it is dumb.


    Found out in ToO this week what a beast Efrideets is.  I do have final round on it but I don't "final round" and waste my shots.  I noticed I could still 1 shot people without hitting their head even without final round as long as they don't have high armor in their setup.  It usually only works on hunters since they have the lowest armor unless they use the upgrade in their setup.  Happened a few times and I didn't know it was possible.  Even against others, they would have barely any life left after a hit to the body.  Next week I'm gonna try use it with Fatebringer or another pistol with quick draw and see how well it works.

  17. Burning shrine is excellent. I think pantheon is just a wee bit better though, rewards aggressive play better, and flanking is more viable.


    I don't like pantheon in normal play but I really liked it in Trials.  There were a lot of different strategies. 

  18. I <3 no land beyond.  Real fun to use in pvp just for lolz.  Used it a bunch in ToO this week.  I'm sure people were looking at my gear like omg this guy is using no land beyond, omg the other guy is using queen breakers bow, we got this, we got this.  Then they would come outside and get demolished.

  19. Finally got around to playing Trials this week and Black Shield is infinitely better than Thieves Den. 


    It's easy this week too because for some reason a majority of teams rush inside.  IDK why.  We would let them stay in there since cap point is outside.

  20. You don't miss anything now since they took the Passage Coins away. That was literally the only reason you could want to go.


    I mean you get an extra etheric light and a chance at an exotic, but by this point I've upgraded every single piece of armor and every weapon that I have (literally) and I have 19 etheric light left over.


    Same here with etheric light.  But I got my first gally ever from mercury.  Finally trials paid off.

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