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  1. I've broken a bunch of xbox one cables.  All due to the POS micro USB connector.  Granted they've all broken due to drops buuuuut I dropped the hell out my 360 controller and that never broke.  Only time I had to replace one was when one of my chinchillas chewed through it.  Really wish MS didn't move to it but you can find them cheap anywhere.  For some reason the 10ft one I have for my phone doesn't work on the controller.  Probably an issue with losing power over the length of the cord but it charges my phone so doesn't make sense.

  2. Hard to say it's VoG backwards since I would assume you fight him on his ship.  But I do get the joke seeing as how most of HoW missions were regular missions backwards.


    Also, anyone know what's going on with the stranger's rifle?  It now shows as legendary but I don't see any difference.  Checked online and didn't come up with anything.


    That stag head though... if I get it I might actually start playing on my warlock more often.

  3. So whos gonna be on tonight?  GT: Slaughterrmelon if anyone wants to run through story.  I'll probably play a few hours and jump off since it releases at 11PM my time and I have stuff to do tomorrow.


    Not looking forward to going the story twice though.  I do have two characters at 34 but I haven't actually done any of the dlc story on my hunter.  I don't think I even played the regular story on him.  Just did raids and pvp.

  4. If you honestly think one of the worst pvp supers in the game is overpowered...stop



    In Control and Rift, they are definitely overpowered. Not so much in Clash since players are usually spread out. When a Titan decides to smash in a zone or Rift spawn, stopping him is near impossible with the insane health they have in mid-Smash. They're already using a super, that's enough and a buff in health shouldn't exists during that time.


    This.  It's already a super.  It's going to kill everyone.  There should be at least some way to stop it but there really isn't.  Warlocks have a slight health boost in nova animation but it's not much.  Titans shouldn't be allowed to just use it willy nilly without worrying about getting shot since they go basically invincible.

  5. Everyone mentions shotguns but the Titan smash is ridiculous OP.  They're basically invincible if they super.  Nova bomb a titan and all he has to do is smash and he won't die.  It takes two hits with bladedancer to kill a titan that goes into smash animation and two hits with golden gun as well.  It's dumb.  Playing PvP the last couple days reminded me why I stopped playing this game in the first place.  But damn their promos.  Their live action trailer made me want to try it out.


    And as far as your ghost. . . instead of cortana it sounds like you're walking around with 343 guilty spark.

  6. Went back and forth about buying it since Halo comes out next month and I still have a ton to do in Elite Dangerous but I impulse bought it for the emotes.  Wish I had a Titan though since they got the best emote by far.

  7. So WTF is going on in this game now.  Haven't played in a couple months.  Have most of it figured out.  But all weapons @ 170 now?  Does that mean they only do level 17 damage?


    Haven't played any pve.  The maps, while still sucking, are better than the house of wolves and dark below dlc maps.  Some of the new ships look badass though.

  8. Wasn't able to catch the games live but was finally able to watch a replay of the d2 match last night.  Wow.  What a come back by fnatic.  Still need to watch the next game as well as all the other matches. 


    As for cobble, not a huge fan of the new one.  I actually loved de_cbble in 1.6 but this remake is just meh.

  9. Hopefully I can catch some games.  But Hawaii vs Euro time means I'll be up all night trying to watch.  Since I don't follow CS a whole lot, how good are the US teams?  I remember in 1.6 when the US had a long stretch of dominating on the world stage.

  10. That graphic only applies to pc.  Just FYI.


    I tried to rank up in power play and I found for it to not be worth it. In order to get that 50mil rank, the amount of grinding on a weekly basis is too much for me since it deducts points every week.



    I found undermining to be a pretty quick way to rank up.  But the merit decay does suck.

  11. So finally got my vulture all kitted out.  Cost about 16Mil in total.  After figuring out the power issues got it going good in a fight.  Made 2.3Mil in a little more than an hour.  This thing wrecks and can tank damage too.  Found out there's a sweet spot on anacondas and pythons where you can just hammer their power plant and they can't hit you with much.  Plus since you're super close the beam lasers do more damage.  Takes some skill to maneuver with them to stay in the spot but you can drop them extremely quick.  If you get stuck under them though you get hit by all their auto defense which does a number on your shields.

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