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  1. Well I finally started the raid with a friend and randoms. Got up to Golgaroth pretty easily but we struggled to beat him since nobody really had strong snipers other than me. Probably going to continue it tomorrow morning if anyone wants to help



    I'll help you guys out.  But I won't be one till probably 1 or 2 (Hawaii time)

  2. Finished the raid finally.  The whole thing isn't too hard.  Even oryx isn't bad once you know the rotation.  And yeah some people suck at jumping.  I'm still getting horrible drops though.  Finally got to 295.  I have rubbish heavy and ghost shells.  Was doing oryx at 293.  But I got that raid scout rifle which I'm loving.  Desperately need need a new ghost shell and heavy.  They're both at 280

  3. dude you beat it?



    and yeah I am still down for the raid tonight. Hopefully I stay awake the god damn fire alarm went off in my building at 2 am last night and we had to evacuate for a false alarm.


    nope didn't try it again after you guys left

  4. Wednesday 9pm EST


    Fresh King's Fall run taking place. Please add me on xbl Philthhy and send me a message that you'll be on and interested.


    If you don't know the fights we will teach you; just come prepared and focused.... not a fan of trying to teach those who don't want to learn. :)



    If there's room for me I'm down.  Read guides for the raid so I kind of know what to expect.  GT Slaughterrmelon


    That touch of malice... seems awesome but the steps to get it don't seem worth it.

  5. Is it the same as POE?  Or do you go to a certain area and use the rune?  And what does it give you?  I have a legenadry one that says some crap.


    I haven't unlocked patrol on the dreadnaught yet, need to do the mission.

  6. The nightfall loot has been garbage for me.  I don't see a reason to do it anymore.  Anyone know a better way to get a good artifact or heavy weapon?  I'm stuck at 288-289 due to those 2 items.  Did about 20 strikes yesterday and got nothing useful.


    Anyone know if it's possible to buy upgrade materials?  Need to upgrade my hereafter.  Thing is beast.


    Also, got the darkblade helm yesterday but it was for a Titan. 299 armor on it.  I have never seen a piece of gear directly related to a strike boss before.  But I don't have a Titan so I infused it with my stag helmet.


    Also, Nathan Fillion is GOAT.


    Also also, WTF is court of Oryx?  And WTF do I do with those rune things I have.

  7. Finally gave in and used the rest of my coins farming exotics.  Used about 35 got 2x year 2 starfire protocols, alpha lumpi, and a hereafter.  Considering it took 25 coins to get my first exotic doing it normally I'd say it's not so bad.  Wish I had more coins.  Still had a 100 or so strange coins but stopped buying exotic coins due to the drop rate sucking for me.


    Can you no longer buy upgrade materials?  Really don't want to have to farm again.

  8. So i've used 11 or 12 coins with no exotic drop.  The drops are OP




    Damn 14 engrams no drops.  Really should have just farmed it.


    For some reason the cabal flares don't count as majors.  Just FYI for anyone.  They're listed as majors on the wiki but they don't count as one for the coin thing.


    Also I didn't know there was a year 2 hawk moon.

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  9. Not trying to cheese it.  Just wanted to make sure strike bosses were ultras.  When I finish the strikes it still says I have a chance to drop an exotic on the next ultra kill.  Wanted to make sure im not wasting coins.

  10. I don't have the emblem either.  Only because I wasn't going to spend time to go get the chests.  I had everything else done.  And like I thought, that emblem is played out like a mofo.  I think last night everyone, and I do mean everyone, on my friends list had it on.


    Seems like Destiny was giving out mad weapons last night too.  One of the guys I was playing with got hawkmoon on his first engram he turned in.  The feed was going crazy with people getting new gear from the cryptarch.

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