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  1. Did the whole raid in an hour yesterday that was great. Would have got perfect raid except the platforms lagged on the daughters and didn't load properly.



    Been noticing a lot of glitching on the daughters.  Two weeks in a row our whole fireteam was killed while in the Aura.  Why do most people not kill the first daughter on the first try?  Was with a group and we did it on the first run without consequence and killed the second daughter straight away as well.

  2. SS is overhyped. Looks, sounds, shoots cool. Didn't live up to the hype, it's a glorified rail gun. Just my opinion on the matter.

    I assumed this.  It prolly got hyped so much because people couldn't find it.  And people desperately wanted a gally 2.0.  It wouldn't make sense for Bungie to nerf it if they were going to replace it with another heavy that was just as powerful.

  3. So I spent a ton of marks getting a red death and getting it to 310.  Aaaaaaaand it sucks.  Thought it would be good for hard mode and trials but idk what they did to it for crucible because it's terrible.  It used to be good.  Irritated I infused my smite of merain into it and the smite was much better.


    Anyone do the quest for sleeper simulant?  Worth it?  Saw a guy in crucible with it.  He sucked.

  4. Yes, after you hit  rank 25 then you start off a quest to get it.


    That sucks.  Haven't done anything at all for any factions.  Joined NM today mostly for the ship.  Spent all materials and only got to level 7.  That FWC hunter helmet is pretty awesome though.

  5. Rank 25 with a faction. :)





    Got rubbish off the nightfall this week.  Ran the raid on both characters and got a 310 kingslayer shell and 310 suros off my warlock.  Oryx took 20 shards, gave me 2 and a 303 shell.  Fuck you oryx.  My hunter got rubbish all around.  Got the raid gauntlets that dropped at 300.  Literally the worst it could drop.  And the raid heavy dropped at 303.  Terrible.  At least I'm done for the week but can't level up anymore before iron banner.

  6. Anyone want to put an expedition together and check out that room?  Also wouldn't mind getting the chest from golgorath's maze while we're at it.  Every group I find doesn't want to do it because of the time involved.


    Does anyone know how to get the exotic hunter cloak?  The one that can be worn with another piece of exotic gear?

  7. Sounds like it buts it's not. And that was doing full strikes not the farm method. After that I decided to just farm the rest of the coins and got I think 4 or 5 out of 32 coins. But they nerfed the drop rate since then.


    So it looks like a secret room has been found in the raid. And no one has yet solved what really to do there.




    I'm guess it has something to do with the chest room in the same area. Pure guess but that room seems overly large to house a single chest. They're also in close proximity.

  8. Use a Three of Coins at the boss for each Heroic strike. There's a slight chance at an Exotic engram. Crucible rewards are pretty crappy compared to strikes right now.


    If you're not lucky enough to get the Imago Loop from The Undying Mind with Firefly, then The Vanity is pretty good. The best PvE primary you can buy is probably the scout rifle from Dead Orbit that comes with Firefly. If you have a hunter, you can eventually get Ace of Spades from the Gunsmith that is sort of like an exotic Fatebringer.

    I got imago loop but without firefly. The vanity comes with luck in the chamber and firefly. Which seems awesome. Yeah need to buy more coins as well. Didn't buy anything this week from xur. Was on the fence about buying coins since they nerfed it after it took 25 coins to get my first exotic. Don't want to waste a shit ton of SC and get absolutely nothing which is possible with bungie.

  9. Does anyone know if there's still a chance for exotics after strikes and crucible?  There used to be a small chance but IDK if they removed that in ttk.


    Does anyone have The Vanity pistol from FWC.  Has good perks need to know if it's worth buying.

  10. @@Moa Rip speakers. 



    Not sure about the spindle but Touch of Malice is the GOAT Daughters/Oryx gun. 


    Was in a different fireteam with a guy using one and he kept dying because he was shooting too much.  Dude was seriously bad.



    Finally got my warlock to 300.  Has anyone seen anything drop at over 300 without being a raid item?  Wondering how a bunch of my friends have 310 gear.

  11. How much damage does black spindle do to oryx when his chest is open?  Was in a fire team and one guy was telling another not use it since it doesn't do enough damage in 3 shots.  Thought the impact was super high on it though.  My 1000 yard stare at 300 does more than my hereafter at 305.  Thinking about dismantling hereafter.


    Thinking about buying a TLW for trials.  Any opinions on it vs hawkmoon?  IDK why but I just can't seem to kill anything with it. Can still do good with TLW.  Something about hawkmoon just throws me off.

  12. the raid cloak for hunter is pretty nice.  Got devouring maw for my warlock which is nice with a cool animation but it dropped at 283.


    Just read the update about iron banner and ToO.  Awesome since I will be going on vacation but coming back right before it all starts.  Won't have anything to do that week except grind for gear and then run trials.

  13. Drop rate is random. I have the void cloak and it was the last to die for me, so its possible that is what drops.


    Is there anything special for it?  Can you get it from the playlist?  My friend had one and it looks dope.


    Beat oryx on my second character and all he gave me was the pulse rifle.  FML

  14. So I found out you can infuse items from a different character.  So you could get a high level piece of warlock armor but not need it and transfer it to a hunter and infuse a piece of hunter armor with it.  Wish I had known that sooner, my hunter would've leveled up much quicker.


    Also not being able to buy materials for anything but legendary marks is bullshit.  Had I known that I would have spent all my crucible and vanguard marks on materials before the update.  But instead they took it away and gave us nothing for it.  Thanks 343.

  15. Anyone get the chest in the maze before golgorath?  Is it an exotic chest or no?  Wondering if it's worth it since it seems like a PITA to get it. 


    Got through the raid on my warlock with people from LFG.  On my hunter I ended up helping a group through to the daughters but then had to leave.  I'll be on most of the day tomorrow if anyone wants to raid send me a msg on xbox.

  16. I'll have all three characters over 300 this weekend. I can't fucking wait to raid with my Hunter. 


    How?  I'm just getting rubbish drops on both my characters.  Heavy and ghost shell are holding me back on both.  But I got my hunter to 292 so hopefully I can find a raid group willing to let me roll with them.

  17. Speaking of experienced players....


    I would love to get together a group of guys who can run 9pm on tuesdays..... im not talking about being military serious but a group who knows their class, how to optimize their output. knows the fights who can be on at 830-9pm, get in, clear the content without much interuption, and get out....


    looking at some of you guys....


    cough cough* @@Moa

    cough cough* @@Infinity


    anyone who is interested.. DM me, i want to put together a well balanced geared group..


    message me with your class/light and your personal raid progression.

    I'm down. Tuesdays though I would probably not get on till right about 9 your time. But I know all the roles. As of right now though only my warlock is high enough and I usually run sunsinger for the self res and the wizards where you power the glyph. The multi nades work well on ogres too.

  18. It really is frustrating because if you can't get that part then there is no way that you can beat Oryx. My favorite part is that I'm usually the guy that kills adds or replaces someone when they die but I'm the ONLY ONE shooting everything. It really is simple. If you're getting shot, by all means shoot them back and help. Don't just stand there. Same goes for the Deathsingers. Kill things on your way to your platform.

    It's easier with oryx though because you can have a designated runner whereas with deathsingers you don't have a choice. We found its easiest if the runner has a sword because he can deal with the knight by himself usually once he steals the band and the rest can shoot adds with the Titan popping a bubble to eliminate adds on half the map. The group I was with had a guy that was honestly a huge fuck up but he was leader and a couple guys were his friends so they were bitching him out hardcore. The rest of us were patient. But the dude made a lot of stupid mistakes like absolutely forgetting to jump on his platform or setting off his bomb immediately. The one run he didn't fuck up at all we beat oryx.

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