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  1. I'll be on Halo 3 next week when its free. Can't seem to find my disc. While looking for it I found my original Halo CE disc all the way from '02. How I still have that and not my Halo 3 I will never know.
  2. If you can master it and do it quick without having to crouch and look through I could see this being very useful.
  3. How to be pro like the suddoths? Don't win major events. By the suddoth standards I've been pro since Halo CE.
  4. I hope its a Halo 4 anniversary.
  5. Can add Hawaii to that list. But its basically a conspiracy here by boyd gaming.
  6. Those kids were terrible. Nothing special here.
  7. Msnjah. Had it for 8 years and counting.
  8. Got negged for knowing how to read. Anyway stickies are trash unless you stick someone but they made it incredibly easy to stick people now so...
  9. It reduces the damage YOU take from nades. Reading comprehension anyone?
  10. Gonna have to stroke my ego and say I called this on June 23rd in the UMG discussion thread which is now locked so I can't use the quote function properly but "Warriors isn't even a 2nd place team anymore. Hope APG gets on a better team, possibly Classic could drop Ryanoob for APG but they would lose their only real objective player." Winning. Thought it would happen because Ryanoob as smart as he is can't keep up with Classic and in order for Classic to beat Ambush they need more slaying power which they got in APG. IMO this is the first team that could test Ambush. I'm an Ambush fan so I hope they can keep winning but there is going to be some tough games against Classic. The only down side to this is Classic has no straight objective player. At UMG APG made some questionable plays that ended up costing his team an example would be running away from his flag when he should have returned it. I think TS games are going be pretty even maybe leaning towards Classic but I don't think Classic can beat Ambush in an objective game.
  11. Saw you playing in a custom with a friend of mine. I was watching for an open spot but it never came up.
  12. Running a tourney every weekend would attract only sponsored teams and even they might get tired of it because prize money would be poop. The tourney was great especially for UMG's first Halo tourney. I wasn't too bummed about no listen ins because the casting was play by play so it made up for it. I do like listen ins though because you can hear how the teams communicate and it's basically a learning experience. I for one don't give a crap about face cams.. IDK why people want them so much. One gripe might have been the massive amount of downtime. Towards the end you folks started doing more interviews to pass the time and that was great. Maybe after a main stage match have both team captains or just players from both teams come on and talk about what they think they did right and wrong. Unless it was a major blow out then we don't need to hear from the losing team. Once you're done with that you can maybe pull players who weren't on the main stage and have them talk about their match. You could also interview up and coming am's and give them a little spotlight to help them get their name out there. Map issues I wasn't really surprised with. I remember when you folks first contacted Gandhi an company you said you run your CoD tourneys on disc maps and expressed your concern over having download user generated maps so thanks for making a change for Halo. Also, I think I saw maybe 2 twitch commercials the entire tourney which is great but... I know you folks need to make money so maybe play a few more of them. With the 6k that were watching towards the end one commercial would have only given you about $30 but it's better than nothing and would add up throughout the weekend. I don't use adblocker because I understand you need to make that money. All in all great tourney, great production and hope to see more.
  13. They said in the chat they would discuss having Halo in Atlanta on Tuesday. I thought UMG was great besides the hiccups on Saturday morning but I wonder if theres room for 2 events a month. I think it would be hard for everyone except sponsored teams to attend events every 2 weeks.
  14. Lucky man. My wife watches me play and when I die she doesn't hesitate to tell me I got raped. :maven:
  15. Yeah the pros just throw em in doorways for fun. Those silly pros....
  16. Why do people hate on Ambush? blah blah they had their strongest maps with snipes. Onyx has no power weapons and they still beat classic on it. Warriors isn't even a 2nd place team anymore. Hope APG gets on a better team, possibly Classic could drop Ryanoob for APG but they would lose their only real objective player. Glad Pistola showed up finally. He hasn't been playing up to his GOAT status until today. Maybe Classic will put up a better fight against Ambush at AGL8 seeing as how they didn't have a ton of practice but idk if just practice can make up for that 6-0 stomping they got. Granted the first series with Ambush was all close games but the second series was a blowout mostly.
  17. I remember during AGL7 the chat was saying UMG has no casters and I said Goldenboy was a good caster and got flamed with everyone saying he doesn't know halo.. :gandhi:
  18. Missed most of the last series due to a damn bed delivery.
  19. Possible Ambush came in cold. Anyone know how long it has been since their last game?
  20. Hoping Ambush closes it out in the next game. Abandon TS should not be a game 5.
  21. Ambush not looking so great. Pistola with 5 kills... really? Even that first game they won but it was damn close.
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