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  1. Oryx hard mode has just turned me off from the game. Way too frustrating for a black primary and emblem. Not even worried about it anymore.


    It's not hard you just can't have ******* with you.  Problem is Destiny is a casual game and 99% of the people who play it are terrible.  So once a challenge comes up they fail.

  2. Does anyone know how the drops on certain chests work?  On my run with 2nd character everyone skipped chests because they already got it on normal but the chest at the rune door gave everyone stuff except for me.  Thanks Bungie.


    Didn't get jack from sisters either.  Would be lame if they random'd if you get a drop or not.

  3. We had tons of lag all the way through.  Everyone was green barred and in the US.  Can't say how many times we had to wipe on sisters because it wouldn't give the runner the light. 


    Just talked to my friend's and they all had the same issues this morning with the raid.


    Love finding a group on lfg and all they do is talk about all the drugs they did and keep getting killed and wondering why, possibly because you're all talking about drugs and not playing.  Waste of time.

  4. So on golgorath there's unstable light in the pool.  whoever has it has to jump out or everyone in the pool dies.  just fyi


    the hardest part about this raid is the fucking lag and glitches.  fucking irritating


    only thing different about sisters is you don't have a delay to get back to your platform the hymn starts right away.  Can still kill first sister on first round then second.


    Got to oryx but the lag was ridiculous and people had to leave.  4 knights spawn with the vessel and will eat the light you have to detonate so need to kill them or you have no light and can't do damage on oryx.  I'll be back on around 4-430 Hawaii time if anyone wants to just run hard mode @oryx

  5. dude really you cant self res? shit that was my goto in VoG lol


    also I really don't care about getting to 320 I just want to beat the hard raid and then its on to Halo 5. Nothing else to do


    might have been glitched.  other dude was able to self res but i had died when i had aura so that might be it.  Dropped a 313 heavy from warpriest.  Everyone else got 318 :(.  We were still able to drop him in two rounds so he just throws black balls and no revives


    raid is super glitching on the maze.  whole fireteam got booted out and then rejoined instantly.


    black and red weapons look dope though.


    looks like maze chest still drops stuff even if you did normal. confirmed you can self res at golgorath.  Hard raid is laggy as fuck.

  6. So IDK if it's glitched by the chest before warpriest only dropped items for 2 of the people in our party on hard.  They said they already did the raid on normal but got 320 ghosts.  Kinda dumb


    And taking away the ability to self res from warlocks during boss battles is dumb.  And Warpriest throwing captain bubbles right after oculus also irritating.

  7. So tried 3oc today but used them on every other strike.  Had a 1/3 drop rate.  Not bad.  Got a 310 and 290 but dropped a 310 chest piece out of a legendary engram.  Finally got both characters to 305.  Would probably be 306-308 if I did the missions for the 310 artifact but I don't wanna do that bullshit.  Hopefully I can find a group to run with me @305 for hard raid but doubt it.

  8. Didn't realise till the end you were the editor.  I'd say it was good.  Lots of quick scoping.  No ******** transitions that make it impossible to see gameplay, unlike 99% of Halo montages.  I enjoyed it, song as a litte ghey but i tuned out the words and the music itself matched the montage well.  Not bad. :saucey:

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  9. When you say use the min 15 minute intervals do you think it matters if I use one right after I kill a boss but don't kill an ultra for like 15 minutes?


    No they nerfed it when ultra kills are in rapid succession.  If your next ultra kill is quick then the chances are diminished.  So basically if you pop a coin it doesn't matter, there just has to be a time interval between the ultras dying for your chances to be the same.  But I was just using coins right before the ultra fights.  Some were probably less than 15 minutes between kills but that's because some strikes you can just run through.  They should just increase your odds when using it in the playlist.


    Does anyone know what's on the loot table from engrams?  So far 99% of my engrams have been armor.  Only had one engram come as a weapon and that's when the farming was active.  Just wondering if I can get truth from an engram or not.

  10. Aren't taken captains the ones that toss black balls in your face?  Wouldn't be surprised if they just get rid of the aura of immortality on oryx like they got rid of health regen completely for crota.



    Was reading that they didn't change the drop rate with 3oc if there's time between ultra kills but killing them rapidly they did nerf.  But did well over 20 strikes today with only 1 exotic dropping at 290.  Far from the 1/4 or 1/5 people are reporting.  But I got the solar and void flayer mantles.  The giant shank strike is hella bugged.  Was playing today and some guy was stuck in the floor.  Then he was moving around shooting while his character was in the sitting down animation.  Also had that crap shank drop absolutely nothing on 3 different occasions. And for some reason my nade wouldn't blow up the vent even though it used to work just fine in the past.

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  11. So after getting two characters to level 5 in IB not a single drop on either.  Not sure why they made the drop rate so low.  And weapons only drop at level 5, dumb.  After that I figured I would go get some exotics.  Used 28 coins and got 2 items.  Still seems worst than the average drop rate.  Both were helmets one at 290 and the other 310.  The 310 I actually needed for my warlock so it wasn't all bad but still a crap drop rate.


    Can't wait for H5 and SWBF...

  12. There was an 'unlimited hammer' glitch not to long ago, and I don't recall anyone getting banned for it. So unlikely that anyone will see any repercussions for the shadowshot glitch.



    IIRC it only allowed you to spam more hammers than you should be able to.  It didn't give you infinite super like the current shadow shot glitch.

  13. I used the shadowshot glitch once in IB. Got reported. Not saying I didn't deserve it, but what do you guys think about people using it being 'banned'? IMO its an exploit in the game that is really easy to perform and is an obvious mistake on Bungie's part. Players who used it shouldn't be banned, maybe just get a temp lockout from PVP.


    In related news, Trials has been postponed until they fix the exploit.


    Considering the Titan super is as broken as the glitch it doesn't make sense.  IDK what genius at Bungie was like hey lets make a super that gives boosted armor, basically unlimited rockets, oh and when you get a kill, your health comes back.  Genius



    Buuuuuuut you're still gay for using it.  Your logic is hugely flawed.  You gonna rob a store and say it was the store's fault for making it easy?


    Ran into a team of 4 hunters all doing it.  Fabulous.

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