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  1. Someone I know that is close to AGL said they have big plans. AGL wired registration should be up this month on the 24th I think. Hope AGL doesn't put all this money in and start making awesome tournaments and then MLG picks Halo back up and everyone abandons AGL.
  2. I thought the first season was boring as fuck and you could skip the whole thing without really missing anything. Show is quite boring in general. I think it's funny that on a zombie show more people are killed by humans than zombies. Glad the blonde died. Was tired of her.
  3. bring back cal_mill or even de_cbble was awesome but just massive for 5v5. cal_mill was my favorite competitive map by far.
  4. Yes you can. It's not gambling for one when its an online video game its more like a sport and two when you don't put any money up. Even if you put money up its not gambling. PC Gamerz had a halo tourney with an entrance fee and it wasn't illegal. They have regular CoD tourneys with entry fees and are not illegal. There was a guy here who won an online poker tournament for big bucks and the state wasn't going to allow him to collect his winnings until they found out he won entry into the tournament through a small, free, online qualifier so in essence he didn't pay any money upfront so he didn't really gamble anything. They let him keep the money.
  5. When you think Halo 4 is the best Halo ever.
  6. You can play in online tournaments. If notice Hawaii is not excluded from the 500k. Gaming tournaments are not considered gambling. Plus entrance is free to enter so yeah...
  7. The blond has fucked up teeth almost JDM style. Anyway it definitely seems Dexter is losing control. Could definitely see Dexter getting killed/jailed this season but I hope he doesn't. I seriously want him to kill his sister though.
  8. As long as your plug on the x11's is not proprietary and is a standard 3pin meaning you can use it on an iPhone, Android, iPod then you should be fine. I'm not 100% sure if they provide the plug that goes from the mixamp to the controller but I don't see why they wouldn't.
  9. Bought it a while back. I liked playing in servers that let you build and then making my own base in the sky and sniping everyone from it.
  10. Friend talked me into buying a Xbox and halo in '02 which was my second year of high school. Been hooked since the cafeteria scene on the first level. A different friend and I stayed up till 4 the night I got it and had to wake up at 6 for a judo tournament.
  11. Its funny how people say no one wants sprint yet forget that the reason it's in the game is because sprint was the most popular armor ability in reach by far so the devs said why dont we give everyone sprint so they can use a different armor ability. I don't care for sprint but do we really fucken need ANOTHER no sprint thread. Can the mods just make a no sprint sticky already.
  12. Boyd gaming lobbies the local government to keep all forms of gambling illegal because they make a TON of money flying all the locals out to Vegas and setting up all the Vegas packages. If gambling were to become legal they would lose a lot of money. When the government says the people don't want gambling what they really mean is they were promised a bunch of money for their campaigns if they keep it illegal.
  13. You talking about Hawaii? The only decent broadband is Time Warner which goes by "Oceanic Cable" out here and really your only choice if you want to game. Depending where you live they might not have all service levels available. There is some Dsl provider but it's not good enough to game.
  14. Probably but I've never really had anyone complain about my host. And by looking at everyone's results it just shows how bad Hawaii Internet is. The max you can get for residential is 45 down and 10 up. I think you can get faster speeds if you want to pay for business classes but that starts at 120/month.
  15. I think the following in America is too small but not sure. I know the game is still big in Europe.
  16. Sadly, this is the second most expensive internet in Hawaii @ $70. This is sad but I pull host A LOT. Probably going to upgrade to the $80 package with 45 down and 10 up sometime soon. I know it doesn't help with gaming but it sure helps with my torrents.
  17. Just a little info for all you people looking to dl Halo 3 for free today. http://www.justpushstart.com/2013/07/xbox-live-golds-free-game-is-not-halo-3-or-assassins-creed-ii-yet/
  18. True story. Bro and I would beat the hell out of each other in game when we got mad.
  19. Battle Toads. Use to play that ish all night with my bro. Apparently is one of the hardest games ever. Halo 2 also caused a lot of missed classes and all nighters in the dorms.
  20. damn I played CS starting at 1.3 until about '09. Played in cal-m and pugged with cal-i guys but couldn't compete in cal-i due to ping issues with being in Hawaii. Friend of mines moved to Vegas to live with his mom and so he could further is CS gaming "career" which lead to him playing in a few CPL's. There was a clip of him almost aceing old school Team 3D while he was on a save round with a deagle.
  21. This guy is on lethal and maniac's level of trolling.
  22. He's been going to events.
  23. I know that but do we need 80 threads about no sprint? No, we don't. Oh look, at the time of posting this there's another no sprint in v5 thread 5 threads down from this one.
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