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  1. Canadians dont do well because they're too busy apologizing when they slay people
  2. GigggleMonster got robbed being in a stacked bracket.
  3. Totally buying this when it comes out. Was never a huge fan of pit but oh well.
  4. I doubt they will do servers different. They have been doing servers the same way since bf1941.
  5. msnjah

    Silva loses

    Chris Leben lives here too. See him all the time since I live close to his fight school. He looks a lot bigger irl than he does on TV.
  6. msnjah

    Silva loses

    Funny he got caught. He is pretty badass at dodging though since he's done it in several fights and only now got caught. They make him out to be an ass but I've met him before and he was cool. He comes to Hawaii a lot and trains with "da hui" over here. I've seen him wear their hat during his walkout a few times.
  7. Maybe Saturday would be easier for those of us with umm jobs....
  8. That's pretty much PC multi-player though. Dont like it? Rent your own. And you must have been doing something stupid I never had a getting kicked problem.
  9. So anyways for predictions.. In talking to Diesel he said that Ambush is only going to have 7 days of practice for AGL 8. Classic might take AGL 8 if they're on the grind but I hope Ambush wins.
  10. They had the actual throne at some GOT exhibit in NYC. They let people sit on it and take pictures. I was jelly.
  11. "I am a weapon. Unsheathe me and point me at the enemy."
  12. Still not working. quite easy to post pics.
  13. msnjah

    Cake vs Pie

    I like to make cream pies... wait..
  14. If you say so. I was talking about Hawaii so I was right. GG.
  15. I got 222... no power in the verse can stop me.
  16. No I don't feel foolish. Guess what, I can compete in online tourneys. Ha..
  17. Should have said you were in CT earlier I thought you were in Hawaii. Sucks to be you noob.
  18. OK so having done it before means I don't know what I'm talking about. KK thx.
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