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  1. I'm pretty sure it's Bungie's fault.
  2. LuLz and get 6 teams like the PC Gamerz tourney
  3. I agree with the verdict. People are like oh Zimmerman should have called/listened to the cops but he thought what he was doing was right and trying to protect his neighbors. At the same time Martin could have called the cops about being followed or just went home. He didn't have to attack Zimmerman. Instead of calling the cops, Martin stayed on the phone with that hoodrat that can't form a single god damn logical sentence. Besides, there was a bunch of expert witnesses that said, given the evidence, the situation most likely went down similar to the way Zimmerman said it did. I agree the protests are ********. Apparently it is wrong for a hispanic to kill a black guy in self defence but it' perfectly fine for black people to run and drive around shooting each other. Look at Chicago. Imagine if white people held these protests every time a white person was robbed/killed by a black person. They would all be labled a bunch of racists. But nope, the black people aren't racist, apparently it's not possible for black people to be racist against white/light skinned people. Racism only works one way. Duh.
  4. Stop complaining. I'm in Hawaii and can't even drive to an event. I would be more than happy to be able to drive 5 hours to an event.
  5. I use the Suddoth definition so I can call myself pro.
  6. Sine we are going with any game I'm gonna go with the old school Schroet kommando or idk I had a lot of favorites. Current favorite halo team would be Ambush . But like with most esports I tend to have favorite players not teams.
  7. Should put the website URL small on the back or something. Really don't like the new logo though. The original was mo bettah. Gotta make a black one since all my shirts are black.
  8. Heinz had 61 wins and 1 loss and is in 10th place. The point system is ********.
  9. Played one game that was laggy as hell. I won but it was ridiculous lag. This online tourney was just a becon for cheaters.
  10. When theres constant shooting and your team is communicating properly you don't hear footsteps and don't really need to.
  11. I know only one has a hole but on mines they printed the little colored circles that they put in the psd file to show you where the hole would be. They only had the one psd file that showed the layout of the holes. They didn't have a psd template without the outline for the holes. I just figured they wouldn't print the outline on the pieces that don't have the holes but they did. Kind of ********. I'll post a pic later so you can see what I'm talking about.
  12. msnjah

    Pet Thread

    It's a Mainecoon. They get huge. I have one. They're awesome because they don't meow much. It's the Harry Potter cat.
  13. How did you get rid of the circles they put on the psd file that show where the hole for the mic would be? When I made mines in photoshop I assumed they would not print the colored circles and just print my design but they printed the circles. With my colors its hard to see so its not a big deal but just irritating. Might order different ones later.
  14. Postal 2 is meh. It was funny in high school. Now that I look back it wasn't that great of a game.
  15. If you didn't have the proper power supply do you have an ivy bridge to make full use of the 660?
  16. Yeah Naded said in his vlog that Ghandi was the worst person he ever teamed with and said Ghandi cost them a top 8 finish in some MLG because he didn't listen to what Naded said.
  17. I get host a lot with slower speeds.
  18. Someone should use this wolf. Or maybe this one
  19. Trollololol. This was meant as a joke. Besides, no load outs = no skins.
  20. Looks like he kept the flagnum since his other hand still looks like it would have had he had the flag in his hand.
  21. I think we should stick to our roots and not allow weapon skins in v6 after all, weapon skins are not Halo and we shouldn't copy CoD... lets see what the community thinks.
  22. English would help Halo. I know what the op means but its stupid. Wont work because teams dont finish their matches at the same time. Plus players want to take a break between matches.
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