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  1. I do this. However I wait to see how the connection is in game and if it's garbage I leave. I'm not gonna waste 10-15 mins playing on a garbage host. I don't understand how foreigners pull host on a lobby with mostly people in America. Seems dumb to me but....
  2. I'm sure the philbs is r*tarded don't waste your time. I doubt he even knows what the liberal media is, just some buzzwords he likes to throw around to act like he knows what he's talking about.
  3. I get profiled for being Hawaiian. It's the same here with asians/whites vs polynesians. I'm not a small guy and when I walk around the neighborhood I've had people out walking their dogs or out just walking, see me and cross the street. Doesn't bother me so much. At least I don't have to walk around them and their stupid lap dog. When I was first dating my now wife we were at some party for her friends whom I hadn't met before and everyone there was white military. I kept getting weird looks the whole night. After becoming good friends with one of them I found it was because the first night they met me they thought the night would end with me pounding one of them out. Why? Simply because I'm Hawaiian. Also get profiled because I don't talk like a local and speak good english compared to mokes(hawaii version of rednecks). Most locals know I'm some type of polynesian but don't think I'm from here when they hear me talk. I've even been asked in job interviews if I'm from here and when I said yes they would always say "you speak well". I've been followed around by security in various places, most recently at Walmart when I went late at night. Doesn't bother me really, I just laugh because I know I make way more money than them and I don't have to steal a damn thing. Also the fact that they're middle aged men working security is quite hilarious to me. Keep in mind, although these things have happened I'm not saying I know what it would be like to be a black person on the mainland. Hawaii's ethnic majority is asian just FYI. My high school was probably 95% asian or part asian. On the topic of guns, I don't carry one largely because Honolulu is the safest big city in America. The gun laws here are strict and there is no open carry or ccw. If you have a gun with you, it needs to be in a case not on your person unless you're at a range. There isn't a whole lot of gun violence here at all. However, a lot of people here have been buying guns lately and gun violence is on the rise. Wife is from NJ and said that in the mainland I would be considered some kind of hispanic or if I grow my hair out, a jew. BTW Hawaii has a similar trial going on now where a white guy shot a local. The white guy was actually from Diplomatic Security and was in town due to APEC. However, in that case I think the white guy should go to jail for murder. Not due to race. Due to him being drunk at the time and wasn't even supposed to have his gun and security footage showing him throw the first kick even though he claimed self defense.
  4. LOL at zero ego issues with lethul and ryanoob on that team. Besides, Ambush had 6 days of practice and not even 6 days in a row so I'm not surprised they're not performing. I think next tourney they're gonna be back dominating. Not counting them out of this one either. It is funny though that Gandhi called it and said it would be a team with Ryanoob that would take down Ambush.
  5. Yeah I would give up against someone shutting down all your terrible arguments. The guy in the right stayed a free man. /thread.
  6. Zimmerman was two years out of high school. Hardly out of the experimenting age.
  7. If it doesn't bother you, you wouldn't have neg repped or even bothered to mention it. Had my brother do it and he gladly did it after reading your posts. Glad you appreciate it.
  8. hahahaha. He was 20 when he was "charged" with his "felony". Since you used it, he was young and dumb.
  9. 1. Some assumptions are based on evidence. 2. As much as your bro there is doing the same against Zimmerman.
  10. So you read about him bringing down his charges yet still said he was charged with felonies... nice. Glad you resorted to neg repping since you're uninformed.
  11. You should chuckle because you are so damn uninformed. Zimmerman was not charged with felonies. The felonies he was going to be charged with were dropped to lesser charges. So feeling uninformed yet? His domestic violence was not followed with facts just by some lady filing for a restraining order due to "domestic violence" and Zimmerman filed for a restraining against her as well and both were granted. Zimmerman's only other charge was for speeding.. OMG CRIMINAL.. and it was dropped. Besides, felons can't own firearms. To do so you would need a waiver from the Federal Attorney General who usually defers decision to the state attorney general. Oh... but you're not uninformed. You sound like that guy in the Pixar video with massive assumptions and made up scenarios.
  12. So uninformed.... How would Martin see Zimmerman's gun when it was concealed? Probably why he didn't go for it until they were fighting and he noticed it. Overly aggressive could mean a lot of things. When I worked security while in college the rules were extremely strict. One guy got canned for pushing a guest that had just punched him. Mind you he pushed the guest away and backed away as to not get hit again. He got canned for guess what?... being aggressive. There were a lot of incident that went down similarly. Look at Martin's past. Not like the guy was on track to become an outstanding citizen. His own mom kicked him out of the house. Yeah Trayvon Martin didn't get into any fights... what an angel... oh wait... http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/23/18449794-zimmerman-defense-releases-texts-about-guns-fighting-from-trayvon-martins-phone?lite I don't necessarily believe Zimmerman at his word but when a bunch of experts say it must have gone done in a similar way not exactly the way Zimmerman said then I believe it. Especially about Trayvon having to have been on top of Zimmerman when he got shot. What we should really do is just arrest black babies before they become criminals. Would solve a lot of problems.
  13. Yeah not like Zimmerman was free for weeks after the shooting... oh wait... It wasn't against police orders it was against a dispatchers suggestions. Police dispatchers are not LEO but you in all your genius know better right?
  14. Obviously you're an idiot. Liberal media was largely against Zimmerman and probably the reason for his arrest.
  15. Yeah it's not like Trayvon was in trouble at school for fighting and drug use.. oh wait... Don't forget Zimmerman said he grabbed his gun and shot Trayvon when he noticed Trayvon going for his gun. LOL at insignificant injuries. That's Monday morning quarterback right there. If someone is on top of me slamming my head against the sidewalk then I would be in fear for my life. Freak accidents happen. If you hit your head once the wrong way you could be dead. How, in the midst of a fight, is Zimmerman supposed to be like "oh these injuries are insignificant so I shouldn't use deadly force." BTW when did I say there shouldn't be an investigation? I said Zimmerman shouldn't have been put on trial. Two different things. And yeah, I'm serious.
  16. I LOL'd at Goldenboy calling ghostayame G-HO-57.
  17. LoL at Zimmerman should have been found guilty. Zimmerman was not guilty and shouldn't have even been put on trial in the first place. The state had no evidence and Zimmerman was put on trial due to public outcry. GJ Floridians wasting a bunch of money for a trial.
  18. Instead of fighting. Zimmerman can follow whoever he wants in public, it's not illegal.
  19. ********. Guy makes about a million assumptions. Using his logic you could make up a ton of theories.
  20. Pistola said 150k. It was in the live stream with him, ghostayame, and those British people talking about universal settings.
  21. BF4 brought back commander mode and you can do it from a tablet which is awesome. I know I'm gonna be on the iPad playing as commander while my wife watches TV.
  22. I know of two other people from here that follow competitive Halo but one moved to Cali. Everyone here plays CoD. Gay.
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