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  1. They wouldn't want to seem too bias now would they? Especially since they're pretending not to be. They've spewed so much BS it's unbelievable but they're liberal so it's the norm. If they only praised Obama wouldn't it be a little too obvious? They have a few articles against Obama to keep people thinking hey this must be legit. Mandatory healthcare is garbage. The government is not supposed to have the power to force you to buy something. They mandate car insurance but you can kill someone with your car or do a whole lot of damage. Some people just don't want healthcare and should be free to do what they want. Healthcare is affordable if you have a job. If you don't want to work but want healthcare oh well boohoo. BTW the government makes money off your death so why would you want them in charge of your healthcare. Would you let a thief watch your house full of valuables while you're on vacation?
  2. Theres a documentary on Netflix about indie games and Fez is one of the games they follow. The creator is hella douchy.
  3. Factcheck.org is owned by Annenberg of Chicago. Guess who used to be on the board of Annenberg.... Obama. Guess who also has connections to Annenberg... Bill Ayers that wonderful guy.
  4. Bush's didn't include indefinite detention of American citizens. The Washington Post is liberal propaganda machine. http://reason.com/archives/2012/07/09/yes-actually-obamacare-is-the-biggest-ta Also, http://www.forbes.com/sites/merrillmatthews/2012/06/29/is-obamacare-the-largest-tax-increase-in-u-s-history/ "And if both the premium and the penalty are considered a tax, the mandate becomes the largest tax increase in U.S. history. And that doesn’t include all of the other taxes imposed by the legislation." Your parents aren't complaining probably because they have decent jobs and the medical is cheap(in price, not quality). In actuality my medical is completely free, paid 100% by the company I work for. What went up, and went up a ton, was the price I pay to have my wife on the plan. It's not much money, about $80/month for badass medical to be combined with the free medical she gets from her job. But an increase of 66% is massive especially when healthcare costs were supposed to go down. $80 isn't much with how much I make, I mean I pay the same for internet every month, but still... Big banks run the country, I mean they control our money supply so they own us. The only person who would have stood up to them was Ron Paul.
  5. To each his own I guess. I know some pros use Envys. I know one person who uses one likes it.
  6. Godaddy is garbage. HostGator is much better.
  7. Hahahaha. You're funny. Obamacare is one of the most rubbish pieces of legislation ever passed. Obama himself lied about it to the American people saying it is NOT a tax. He was very adamant about it. What did his lawyers argue in the Supreme Court in order to uphold it? They argued that it IS IN FACT A TAX. The fact that it is a TAX is the only reason the Supreme Court didn't shut it down. It is the largest tax ever levied on the American public. Do some goddamn research. Oh and my medical cost went up 66% thanks to Obamacare. Oh lets not forget that wonderful piece of legislation called NDAA. Damn Obama thank you so much for taking away my freedoms. Obama is a terrible president.
  8. You do realize they make controllers to order right? So it takes a good long while to get one. If you don't want to wait just get a Sabertooth. It is awesome.
  9. Gandhi recommends Envy Controllers because they gave him one for free so he would promote them. You can order a regular black controller from them that has no slow for about $53. It's just a standard xbox controller no bells and whistles but with no slow and for the price it's not bad. I just bought a Razer Sabertooth which also had no slow and a lot of other options. For the price, I'd say its a damn good buy. It has 6 extra programmable buttons with 2 by the bumpers and two rocker switches in the back. The best thing is you can program all the buttons by yourself whereas with the scuf you would have to send it back for them to reprogram your paddles. It also has its own sensitivity settings with 20 different settings for each stick and each stick you can set to a different setting. The rocker switches in the back are removable in case you don't like them. This controller is so damn awesome I'm hella happy I bought it. I was looking at the carnage controller from the controller shop but with everything I wanted it would've been something like $180. The $180 included the $40 extra it would cost for them to make it in two weeks instead of the normal 4. SCUF controllers are mainly for CoD. I don't think any Halo pro uses one. If you want a cheap no slow and can't mod your own controller I'd say go with the stock no slow from Envy for $53. If you want to spend a little extra go with the Razer Sabertooth. The Razer for me was $108 with shipping from Newegg. I'm in Hawaii so shipping kicks my ass constantly. Oh forgot to mention, the buttons on the Sabertooth are mechanical so they click like their keyboards do if you ever used one of their keyboards. The buttons aren't padded on the bottom like normal microsoft controllers. I prefer the feel of mechanical over the stock controllers.
  10. LoL at Obamacare "helping" anyone.
  11. No URL on the back of the shirt = fail.
  12. Not sure why I pull host a ton in other playlists and not at all in this playlists. Constantly get stuck in games with garbage hosts. It's like this playlist consistently chooses the worst possible host.
  13. MNC is pretty awesome. Beautiful katamari was awesome. Best game I've played that I don't know anyone else who plays is Aces High 2. Probably the most realistic combat flight sim. It's only on PC though. All WWII planes but there's a ton and they all fly differently and have different attributes. It's the only game I've played that when you kill someone you actually feel a sense of accomplishment. Best part is that kill don't count unless you make it back to your base and land safely. Only bad part is that the maps are Huge and if you can't spawn at a base near the fighting it takes a good while to fly all the way to the fighting. I found myself equipping external fuel tanks and dropping them once I got to the fight. Was also fun escorting people in bombers. It was awesome to see a bunch of people jump in bombers and man all the guns in a fight. Those things looked like flying fortresses with all the gun fire coming out of it while under attack. Seriously the best multi-player combat flight sim. Ahhhh the memories.
  14. I wanted requiem. Just because Lethul, Ryanoob, and Goofyy are douchebags
  15. Download hax. Best way to win your 1v1s.
  16. The only two people who played enough games by the time the stats updated. tomorrow or later in the day theres gonna be 853093 people with a score of 8
  17. Yeah they use score streaks. What's dumber than that is they allow score streaks to carry over into tie breakers and overtime. ********.
  18. That case...... the only case better is the 800D. <3 the 650D though.
  19. I did. It's not because of your differing opinion. It's quite simply because I believe you're r*tarded. I've not seen one post from you in this thread that had any logic or fact. Just r*tarded comments. KK thx.
  20. Its probably because the finals ended at like 10 and people gotta catch flights/drive home. Not to mention the viewers drop drastically after the last match.
  21. Honestly I'm just glad lethul got sent back to whatever cave he crawled out of. That guy trolls so hard I'm surprised he hasn't been recruited into Sauron's army. Dat shit cray.
  22. Not sure if serious or trolling.
  23. Ninja finally wins an AGL after playing 30 hours a day for 8 months. :ninja:
  24. AGL NJ had a little more than 8k but that was when a lot more people played the game.
  25. Hoping requiem wins just because I hate goofyy a little more than I hate ninja. Hoping Ambush comes back hard next tourney.
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