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  1. You're mfaith93 right? If so you are guilty of abusing mod like the rest. Ive seen you time people out who disagree with you soooo yeah..
  2. Let's take a look at the genius behind the creators of the bill. Someone who makes 400% of the poverty line can only pay a maximum of 9.5% of their income for their Obamacare coverage. Now a family who makes 400.00001% of the poverty line has to pay $10k more a year for their Obamacare as opposed to the family who just makes the 400% limit. If you don't get, if a family make just $1 more than the 400% limit they have to pay about $10k more per year than a family who makes $1 less. Yeah sure makes sense.
  3. Amen. The movement was ********. I don't understand why they made ACA mandatory. They could make a great system that was optional. Seems fishy to me that they made it mandatory. Besides, if it was so great our leaders wouldn't have granted themselves exemption. The massive amount of democratic groups seeking waivers for it doesn't give it any credibility.
  4. Durrrr read the thread that point was addressed.
  5. I like Crowly too. Partly because he's played on Firefly and Warehouse 13 which I also like. Crowly in the 4th season was awesome. Especially like the part when they show he has his own massive hellhound.
  6. You know what I mean about the illegals. Let's be sarcastic and not address the issue. You're right, they aren't eligible for Obamacare which is why they would be cheaper to higher. Companies don't have to provide them healthcare and won't have to pay a fine for not doing so. This woman's surgery wasn't elective. Doctors in the U.S. told her she needed it out immediately. Hey guess what, while I worked myself through college I had good medical and I wasn't rich. Go figure, you can get good medical that isn't extremely expensive by working for it. Who would have thought? OMG what will we do without the government?!?! They're running the country into the ground yet I'm sure they could totally run a healthcare system.
  7. I was talking about my comment meaning this thread is not the place for me to talk about liking the show. Wouldn't mind the sig though, I would rock it.
  8. I think it should be probably one BIG tournament every 2-3 months. It would allow time for people to really save up and go. They should have smaller regional tournaments in between for am's to get their feet wet/get used to competing. It would also give me something to watch while I wait months for the next big one. Maybe have AGL's be the smaller tournaments and AGL Pro be the big tournaments.
  9. Not the place for it but I like the show. On the 5th season which is honestly sucking compared to the 4th but I'm sticking with it to see if it gets better. Hate Sam though. Cas is hilarious.
  10. The taxes on those things you mentioned are nowhere near the level of ACA. Education keeps the country from becoming a population of morons although I'm thinking at this point it's a losing battle.(not a dis on you) How does healthcare benefit the nation? The people it pays for are probably not the most contributing members of society. Anyone really worth saving probably has damn good healthcare already. It's cruel but honest. I'll bring up death panels. When I first heard of them I thought it was dumb right wing rhetoric. But if you think about it, how would we NOT have death panels? The government isn't going to be able to afford all the care EVERYONE needs so they will have to ration healthcare. It's really the only logical conclusion. I wouldn't have a problem if people weren't forced to pay for it. If they made a system and it was optional I wouldn't mind. Like I said, getting rid of preexisting conditions was a good step but that would have been simple legislation. Forcing people to buy it makes no sense. There is no reason for it other than the government wanting more power. Can anyone come up with a good argument as to why they need to FORCE people to buy it?
  11. They thought he was not all there mentally. He is different and does come off weird to people who don't know him. He also dresses pretty damn bummy and drives a beater truck but is actually one rich mofo. He just doesn't flaunt it.
  12. Err yeah but it was illegal. Now it's completely legal and companies who otherwise wouldn't hire illegals will because it saves them a ton of cash. Where did I get that? IDK probably the damn link I posted. Canada is wonderful oh yeah. Not according to the Canadian who had a brain that needed to be removed asap and would have had to wait up to 6 months to see a specialist in Canada. Universal healthcare! There are many other cases that go the same way.
  13. Public Education actually benefits the nation, not bankrupt it. Theres a ton of problems with Obamacare. A lot of people will lose their healthcare because it would be cheaper for a lot of companies to pay the fine rather than pay for healthcare. This FORCES a ton of people on government run healthcare which is garbage. A for profit system, as terrible as it sounds, is good for medical care. It creates innovation and new inventions which lead to better healthcare. Canada has universal healthcare that is garbage. There is a reason a lot of rich people from other countries come to America for medical treatment. Then there's people who don't want healthcare. A family friend is probably the healthiest person I know. He does not eat cooked food and only organic food. He absolutely refuses to ever see a doctor. The one time he was FORCED to an ER, he went into starbucks with a pretty big cut on his head and his own bandage over it so someone called 911 and EMS thought he was crazy, he kept telling them they're going to make him sick. They pumped him full of chemicals and his whole body got swollen and he was sick. They released him worst off than when they took him in. They ended up paying him a ton of cash in the end. So now, because the government says so, this guy HAS to pay for healthcare. Stupid. http://blog.heritage.org/2010/02/09/the-canadian-patients%E2%80%99-remedy-for-health-care-go-to-america/ Let's not forget that due to Obamacare, with the rules in place with the new immigration bill, it will be cheaper for a company to hire an "illegal" than it would be to hire a citizen. Is this real life? MURICA!
  14. Can you even lose your 50? Played a bunch of terrible games today and didn't lose my 50. I'm talking like probably 8 terrible games and maybe 1 or 2 decent ones.
  16. The console gaming community should sell mousepads
  17. For all the Brazilians in AGL....... Brazil getting pOWNED
  18. Would like to see all the pros who used this DQ'd. Would be hilarious. When T2 got stuck in a stacked bracket at RTX he shoulda dashboarded out to get an easier match.
  19. Skydiving looks like a dead roach. What is pOWNED?
  20. Universal healthcare is ********. Add millions of patients and no new doctors. If people don't want to work and pay for their healthcare then sucks for them. Like I said, if insurance companies were kept from going public it would solve a lot of problems.
  21. LuLz. Let's defend the cheaters. It's an exploit, you said it. I could see if they were just doing because they had to go or wanted to play something else but they're using it to dodge good players. You folks are defending it because you're doing the same thing and need an excuse to tell yourself you're not cheating. GG *******.
  22. Really? If they didn't glitch and quit out in a legit way it would count as one of their quits. More than 3 and you get a loss. Using a glitch to get more quits is not cheating?
  23. When you're laid off you still get medical for as long as you're on unemployment and looking for a job. If you can't find a job because you have no marketable skill then who's fault is that? Preexisting conditions are the only thing I don't agree with. If you get declined for being obese who's fault is that? The problem is allowing insurance companies to be publicly traded because they legally have to do everything in the shareholders' interests which means shady tactics to maximize profit. If they weren't allowed to be public it would solve a lot of problems. Obama's plan adds millions of new patients and not a single new doctor. Is that going to improve healthcare? No. His plan as actually caused quite a few doctors to plan on retiring soon or just leaving the business entirely.
  24. LoL that Burton guys youtube has chig "cheating". Online qualifiers = tons of cheating.
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