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  1. Scuf is for CoD. Razer Sabertooth is the better, cheaper option.
  2. Was reading an article about how some guy who was really good at forza but never raced an actual car got picked up to race ferraris in some circuit. Crazy stuff.
  3. Not talking about the event horizon of a black hole I'm talking about the movie.
  4. Einstein theories weren't all correct. I remember a while back NASA couldn't figure out why to of their satellites were so far off track. They were ones launched in like the 70s or something. They figured they don't have gravity completely figured out. Dont need to travel faster than the speed of light just need to bend space. Event Horizon anyone?
  5. 1. I don't have a PC. 2. I dislike CoD.
  6. Even using some incredibly tiny probability that a planet will produce life still leaves a HUGE amount of planets that would given the vastness of the universe.
  7. Are you planning on OC'ing? You're getting a K series chip so I'm assuming yes. If so, spend the extra $30 and get a corsair H50.
  8. Power supply. Might need a bigger one. Might be OK since you're running a small heatsink. Should order a second fan for that heat sink and make a push/pull setup.
  9. Gandhi needs to teach them a thing or two about trash talk.
  10. He's not that unknown since he won AGL NJ. Didn't his teammate eltown earn an invite online? Anyway they suck without their hostboxes which is why they're no longer a team.
  11. Didn't say it was fake just that it's not the real cover.
  12. Corsair makes SICK cases. Basically any corsair case. Just splurge and get the 900D :ghost: Edit** looked at your parts and you might want a different PSU. Seems small for that build. You don't want just enough you want a cushion.
  13. msnjah

    Left 4 Dead 3

    I remeber lanning L4D1 with my friends and constantly making car alarms go off and then hiding in a corner somewhere.
  14. Not the real cover. Doesn't come out till New Years Eve of 2014.
  15. Tyrion, Jamie, Varys Crazy that the guy who plays the hound is 6'7" and the guy who plays the mountain is 7'1".
  16. You didn't see the thread with the guy complaining about neg banging. Had like -20 by the time it got locked.
  17. I'm probably gonna get neg banged for saying I hope he doesn't win. :maven:
  18. Like I said, it was disagreement, I wasn't trolling. If I had been trolling I wouldn't bring it up. And judging by your posts I'm sure you don't EVER abuse your mod. :ninja:
  19. Lulz my twitch name is different. Sucks to be called on it and not being able to time me out.
  20. ROFL you're just full of it. I assume it was you because once you timed me out you then talked crap to me with the "what's the matter you can't say anything?" Your fanboys got a kick out of it. Maybe it was just that time of the month. Have fun with your internet powerz.
  21. Bleed through as in damage bleeding through the shields to damage health. Pretty sure all the games had it except for reach. In reach if you had a sliver of shields and got hit by a melee it only popped your shields and your health was 100% which is no bleed through. In H4 the DMR has no bleed through, dont know what else.
  22. Hahahaha yeah right. Ive seen you do it to multiple people including myself. Im 26 I dont troll the chats. I mostly dont even participate but I got into a disagreement with you and got timedout with the quickness. GG. Deny it a you want but you know its true. I just close chats once I see youre modded in them.
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