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  1. So who's down for a beyond crew in GTA V to run missions or just cause all out chaos....
  2. After playing more, I like Haven ricochet. You can throw the ball from random spots and it's hard to intercept. The only thing I don't like about it is that the SD spawns literally right next to blue spawn and doesn't ever switch. Red team gets the needler... makes sense.... Adrift.... the goal should be where the flag spawns.. still easy to throw it in but quite hard to run it in.. Where the current goal is makes it too easy to score.
  3. They need different people to make maps. Most of the Halo4 maps at launch were circles.
  4. Gandhi and Maven are experts at passing downtime. It's hard to be on stream with no game going and having to just talk and keep people interested but they make it look effortless. While there is a game on I've seen them just talk to each other like there isn't a game going but that doesn't bother me a whole lot but I can see how some people don't like it compared to GoldenBoy's awesome play by play. Willing to overlook that though because they are enjoyable to watch and I do not require a play by play to enjoy watching a tournament.
  5. All the DLC came with my Halo except Pit. Still play Halo on almost a daily basis. :ghost:
  6. Will there be a GTA V forum or will it just be in GG?
  7. Haven is too easy to score IMO. You can throw the ball from almost anywhere and score.
  8. After taxes it's probably less than 100k. Not a life changing amount of money.
  9. Did he get knocked out at H4GC?
  10. I'm probably the only one who thinks this game doesn't look that awesome. Maybe if I play it, it would seem better but really not understanding the hype after watching all those vids.
  11. Stream quality sucks. It would be 343 to have a major global tournament and not check the internet quality of the venue. If that didn't suck enough, you can't tell who is who. I thought it was funny that it's a $200,000 tournament and only has 917 viewers. GG 343 you fail again.
  12. Which island? The connection isn't super bad unless it's in Canada or Europe. Also depends on the island seeing as how the outer islands have to connect to Oahu before their signal is transfered to the maindland. I usually play with all Hawaii people so we tend to pull host a lot. I'm assuming you'll be living on base so I don't know how their connection will be. Be prepared... no one LANs Halo here, there are no LAN tournaments, and if you go to a LAN everyone will be playing CoD.
  13. LuLz. They didn't know what the problem was so they reinstalled your OS claiming a "bug."
  14. Possible. AGL's decision making is laughable at this point.
  15. Seriously though if you buy the most expensive version it should come with all the DLC's thereafter.
  16. That's not me it's a friend. When I play doubles with him he doesn't like having the sniper. He's a BEAST with that railgun.
  17. Check out my friends minitage. He made it this weekend. He comes on here once in a while but I think he mostly lurks. Hopefully you all like it.
  18. Why did they get rid of proximity voice? That was one of my favorite parts of halo.
  19. I have a BA and BS. Don't use either for what I do currently and make more money. School isn't everything but it's good to have something to fall back on.
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