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  1. Just curious as to who you will be coaching? Are you going with Heinz or staying with the rest of the crew?
  2. In no particular order. Battle Toads Mario Kart Skyrim Halo 2 Halo CE Halo 3 America's Army CS 1.6 Battlefield Vietnam Battlefield 2
  3. Didn't Ninja just say it would be a while before they found their fourth? Next day announces snakebite as a fourth. :ninja:
  4. I think it's clear Halo will never return to its former glory. It would take a shift in the mindset of FPS gamers. The majority like quick easy kills and Halo doesn't offer that. As much as I hate to say it, CoD will remain dominant for the foreseeable future unless they release the equivalent of a CoD Reach and at the same time 343 releases the most incredibly awesome Halo to date. It would be nice to see Halo at MLG again mainly for the production value they offer. AGL has been improving every tournament but are not on MLG's level yet.
  5. I think steam killed the community when it first came out. It definitely wasn't what it is today. I know what you mean about not wanting to switch though. Forgot the name of the program but I had all my favorite servers in it and if they were full I could just hold a standby spot and join automatically when one opens. It was also great for the servers I had admin in as I could watch the logs and run admin commands from the window. Good times. 1.3 and 1.6 were very different IMO but 1.6 was the best. Source looks like a cartoon. Seriously need a new comp so I can jam GO. Don't want to play it on 360.
  6. Down to join the Beyond crew. Preordered from Walmart cuz the wife wanted the key chain and Gamestop was out of the $80 version.
  7. I'm sure he just didn't use it THAT week. Especially when all the pros were using it. He just admitted to using it the week he was caught using it. I would do the same thing.
  8. You can get stances from other Halo games apparently. Don't know if that's one of them.
  9. How would a name like team throwdown or team hardcore not make people associate it as a try hard playlist. Buuuuut I didn't see the part about it being updated with AGL maps and settings. That would be bad. We might end up with solace slice in there. I voted no a whole back anyway. I found out what AGL was by googling it but I already assumed gl was gaming league.
  10. People don't like having to headshot someone 4 times to get a kill and/or use team shots to get a kill. The fact that it is much harder for someone to pub stomp in Halo is a barrier but it's also the reason I like Halo. It's easy to pub stomp BTB with a DMR but that "skill" doesn't carry over to a 4v4/2v2 playlist.
  11. LuLz @ my post getting deleted. Pretty sure we just had a thread saying that shouldn't happen and if it does then we should get a PM about it.
  12. http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2238-agl-indianapolis-10-teamsseeds-prediction-thread/
  13. I think renaming it AGL playlist would possibly bring more viewers. I think it would make some people who don't know about AGL look it up. One could only hope. It is sad that people like Nadeshot pull 12k viewers on the regular while AGL finals get 7k. Not saying anything negative about Nadeshot.
  14. Agree. Heinz has it hard being on such a stacked team. Yeah he's not a slayer or great sniper but he is one of the smartest players in H4.
  15. CS 1.6 was the best. So many good times playing cal matches.
  16. Kind of a bummer I like Heinz. Guess I need to change my sig.
  17. The plasma pistol/SMG combo was so awesomely awesome
  18. Wrong thread. Don't know how I posted that in here.
  19. The plasma pistol SMG dual wield was awesome.
  20. Or he realized he wasn't going anywhere in CoD.
  21. If anything they need to take it back to the old radar that only shows a dot NOT if they're above or below you. I like radar when I'm playing by myself. If I have a to4 that communicates I don't like radar. I miss the bubble shield. Especially lifting on narrows with the bubble shield around you.
  22. I absolutely HATE that after you throw the ball you can't sprint right away. I'll do it to move the ball quicker especially if the other team is caught away from their goal but it is a HUGE pita. And if the score is tied there needs to be an overtime like first team to score wins.
  23. Throwing the ball in Ricochet is more fun. There have been tons of times I could have run it in but I throw it for the fun.
  24. This is epic only because my pudding gif is in the background! I said a lot not all. CE came out when I was a freshman in highschool and from what I've seen I'm older than a lot of people here :unclesudd: .
  25. I honestly believe that a lot of people who run around saying Halo CE was the best never even played it until CEA. Not saying it was or wasn't the best... just a lot of posers who think they're cool when they say it. Post pics of your original HaloCE disc mofos! Just found mine not to long ago.
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