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  1. Flew around in a plane for about a half hour to "unlock" the whole map then flew over the military base and they shot me down with missiles. Assholes.
  2. Theres one right by Franklins house. Just go inside and go to the range in the back left. Took only about 10mins to get Franklins shooting at max. Pretty fun too.
  3. After playing till like 5 in the morning I must say I am not really impressed. Maybe I'll have to wait till I get deeper in the game. Anyone feel like it's REALLY easy to get away from cops? I never played GTA 4 but in the other ones if you had more than 3 stars they wouldn't go away unless you found one of those star things to lower it to 2. Had 4 or 5 stars last night and got away pretty easily by hiding under the freeway. The road system is chaotic. In past GTAs I would drive around to learn my way around a bit but in this one I'm just staring at the mini map. One cool thing is the map is HUGE. Drove out to one of the lifts that was on top of a mountain and it took probably 15mins mostly because it was off road going up a mountain and the sports car I was using obviously wasn't built for it. Anyway it's 750 and the wife just left for work so I'm a get back on that grind!
  4. Still 2 half hours for me.....
  5. Bleh 6 hours left for me :unclesudd:
  6. I like BTB if none of my friends are on but 343 screwed it up by putting 70 vehicles on each map.
  7. msnjah


    First off, I don't know if talking about torrents is against the rules here or not but if it is then just delete this thread. So I have a few invites for iptorrents.com which is a private torrent site. I have 600GB downloaded with no warnings from Time Warner or viruses. With piratebay my internet got shutoff for like a week for downloading. Anyway, you have to keep your ul/dl ratio above 0.25 or they will delete your account but 0.25 is hella low. And you have to SEED. If you don't seed, screw you and die and don't ask for an invite. They track weather or not you seed with your HNR count and if that gets too high they give you a warning. So if people want invites and are going to seed just message me your email address as I can only send it via email. I only have 3 left so LMK.
  8. Yeah just noticed it's been up on my favorite torrent site for like 5 days already.. oh well I can wait till tomorrow night
  9. Make your own servers? As in rent your own servers? That's how the game has always been. Obviously you haven't played past battlefields.
  10. Masterball... captures anything
  11. off topic but when did brah start being said on the mainland. That's definitely a Hawaii thing.
  12. You can buy like a 16GB thumbdrive and plug it into the front but you have to format it to work with the xbox first. Anyway some leaks... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsptEXGRDtI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jOw6SvOqb4 http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=21a_1379091837
  13. play music off your xbox. problem solved, music at all times.
  14. CoD Ghosts is not getting the greatest reviews from CoD players sooooooo I'm sure that has something to do with it.
  15. And wait for the 8Gb install. Even after all that you'll still probably be playing before me... damn Hawaii. Hoping the midnight release at my local Walmart isn't that bad. Never preordered from Walmart before.
  16. HILARIOUS! Nor sure everyone got this as it's not really explained in game. Anyway, for a while now I've been naming my hdd's Cortana..... My phone's "name" is Cortana..
  17. Cant downgrade to 1.6 since it's the latest version. GO, CZ, and Source are all different games.
  18. So who's setting up the Beyond house for everyone to chill at?
  19. Not sure what's in the core of a Halo. Ask the forrunners.
  20. Looks like I'm going to have to shoot everyone and everything I see around an ATM before I use it.
  21. Did you wash your xbox with a metal brush?
  22. Hoping Dexter gets a happy ending.
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