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  1. Yeah did the subtle way and got 34M each. Was pretty easy.
  2. For the people who did the final heist is there a money difference between the two? Reading that some people only ended up with 17Mil each while some people had like 34Mil each.
  3. Gotta love Brad. I've never seen anyone so full of terrible ideas. Arcadia... brought to you by the guy who thought Solace Slice would be epic.
  4. Took forever to steal a jet and get in saved in my hanger. Actually got one and got away clean on my second try but I went to harass the normal airport and accidentally hit Y while trying to hit X to change weapons. After that I got killed a bunch trying to take one or it either got shot down leaving the base or was damaged and when I landed it shut down and I couldn't drive it all the way to the hanger. What a PITA! Got so irritated that once I was done I turned it off and had to order pizza.
  5. Along with flying under bridges, knifing buildings with a plane, bunch of the collectibles and stuff. Finally finished up most of the Strangers and Freaks missions just to get all those questions marks off my map.
  6. Yeah checked it and nothing is there. Took some pics of my CE Hotrod but it's not showing up. IDK maybe something it up with their servers. Anyone else problems with saved cars just disappearing from the garage? Had a sweet muscle car along with the bugatti in Michael's garage and they just disappeared. My friend said the same thing has happened to him before. Honestly, for a game that was delayed as long as it was, it has a ton of glitches/bugs.
  7. How do you get pics from snapmatic onto your social profile on rockstar? I thought it was automatic.
  8. You can only get it if you have the CE DLC.
  9. Yep it's slow but good for skydiving if your characters are automatically fitted with a chute. If you call it in by the airport DO NOT fly over the airport they blow you up fast. fly back towards the city.
  10. This one Apparently they park it on the "Rodeo Drive" of Los Santos because IRL there is one that is always parked on Rodeo Drive next to a store that looks exactly like the store it's parked in front of in the game. Only spawns in one spot in the game but is easy to find. One of the people you work for has one but you can't steal it from his house. It wouldn't let me steal it so I blew his up every time I saw it. It's $1000000 if you want to buy it from one of the websites in game. Anyway, got Franklin's driving to 100% and now riding motorcycles is weird. Seems harder than when it was at 80%. As for Heli flying I realized you can't actually tip your heli to the point of no return like in other GTA's. They made flying them super noob friendly. If you just hold forward on the stick and hold the right trigger you can go pretty quick and it eliminates most of the wobble. Wobble is still stupid though.
  11. The strategy guide has *all* the conditions. You could probably find them online though. But 1 mission so far the guide was wrong about what you needed for gold as it omitted one thing. I don't even care about getting gold or not. Buuuut some of the conditions are ridiculous like there where will be a huge amount of people rushing you on a mission and you have to headshot almost all of them. Bought the guide for all the hidden crap that I would never find on my own. But if anyone wants to know about what you need for gold on a certain mission message me and I'll look it up.
  12. I switched to Trevor and he was passed out drunk, on a bridge, next to the road, in his underwear... so when I got control of him he was still drunk and I had to wait till it wore off and then I was wondering around in my underwear afterwards. To all the people who haven't done the Paleto Bay heist..... be prepared... it is FUCKING AWESOME! Just a whole lot of fun. Seriously hoping they patch the wobble problem with the heli and the planes. It's not that bad in planes but in the Heli's it's absolutely ********.
  13. I'm right at 50%. Finished by 2nd or technically 3rd heist(you don't get any money from your 2nd heist) 1 or 2 missions ago. Just made another $115k off an assassination mission for Lester. Think I'm gonna start slowing it down and doing other things.
  14. I don't invest in BAWSAQ, well, not really. Burgershot was trading at $100 and I saw it at $32. Put something like $300k into it and it went back up a bunch and I sold it. Could've made more but I was worried. I have $300k tied up in Ammunation on BAWSAQ since I read online it was a good idea since BAWSAQ is community influenced so when people start buying a bunch of weapons it will go up. Haven't made much on that yet. If you're doing the assassination missions with Franklin listen to what Lester says and you can make some good money too. Usually you're knocking off a CEO or damaging a company so you just invest in their rivals. Basically just watch stocks that trade high because they will drop and then you can buy. You can also destroy a bunch of one brand of vehicle and it'll drop their stock price. Buy it and then start destroying other brands and it'll go back up.
  15. After you do the first heist which is early you have money to invest in stocks. Just watch stocks that are high and then drop and buy em. Made $500k off Burgershot
  16. Nope it doesn't. I have both Franklin and Tevors flight skill at max and the planes and helis are still super wobbly. It's almost impossible to fly the helis in this game. Only thing that works is turning down the sensitivity on my left stick which works decent for the helis. Only thing that wasn't wobbly was the giant cargo plane you fly in the one mission with Trevor.
  17. Anyone else buy the Pegassi Bati 801 motorcycle? It's only 10k and better than the "special" bike the CE edition gets. That thing has been a god send to getting around the city. So damn fast and nimble. I also think they should have added a store where you can buy/make custom motorcycle helmets. It's kind of odd the only fighter jet in the game has the lowest top speed of ALL planes in the game including the prop planes.. Been modding cars and got a Bullet and maxed it out. So ridiculous fast it's impossible to drive. Anyone know where to find an infernus? I've only found 1 so far and never kept it because I thought I would be able to find more.
  18. inb4 they don't make any money on indiegogo
  19. did the EXACT same thing with the same results. Since then I just keep the wallet. I got one that had 2k pretty sweet.
  20. Anyone finish the flight school? Seems weird the plane is just all wobbly by itself. Wondering if anyone else has wobbly planes or if its my controller.
  21. I thought the armored trucks were cool until I bought the Airfield with Trevor. Those plane runs are an easy 7k.
  22. Bleh I have Android. GG Rockstar.
  23. How do I download the iFruit app to train my dog?
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