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  1. Downloading the TU right now! Aaaaaaaaaand Rockstar servers are rubbish. Nice online launch Rockstar.
  2. fuck errbody I vote the Bird. If it's kind of like "crew gesture" I think Bro Love would be cool to. Just read the title update will go through at 7AM Eastern time which is 1AM for me. I'm totally not getting any sleep tonight. I vote to move me up in the hierarchy since I'm be on that ish putting in work all night and all day tomorrow.
  3. Read that the highest ranked member taking part in the heist is who divides up the cash. If I get jipped I'm coming back for vengeance! But I'm sure we will all have to stick together after a heist so we can all deposit the money but I read you can deposit your money using your phone which doesn't make sense. Anyway, anyone know what time online goes live? I'm off tomorrow so plan on maybe staying up late so I can jump online as soon as it's available. Also, do we have to add each other to our friends list to play as a crew or will it show up in game or will it show your crew members? I'll be on all day tomorrow so add msnjah for some all day heists, team deathmatch and just pure and utter mayhem
  4. So I read that in GTA Online the "higher ups" in the crew are the ones who divide up the take from a heist and can essentially take all the money and give the lower people nothing. Hoping this doesn't happen with the beyond crew. Might have to start my own.
  5. Same result different outcome? Pretty sure that's a contradiction.
  6. I think it's hilarious that all the websites giving "stock advice" were saying to buy up Ammunation stocks because it will go up. Glad I sold my $10mil worth of stock when it hadn't moved for days. It dropped from a high of $713 down to $420. Sucks for anyone who rode that train.
  7. Pretty sure theres an achievement for knifing a shark. Kinda bummed theres no police or fire truck missions like in past GTA's
  8. You have to buy the sonar dock to meet her. Once you do, a little while later there will be one of the question marks there marking a strangers and freaks mission which is her asking you to find her husbands submarine parts.
  9. You can also buy the sonar dock and get the boat there with the submarine once you meet the lady who asks for you to find the submarine parts. Was running around with a scuba outfit on today.
  10. Cant wait for online but at this point with how glitchy the game is I think it's gonna be a shit show.
  11. Barely played the first one. Never played the second. Played the shit out of Fable 3 though. Fable 3 was a great game. Would definitely check this out if/when it comes out.
  12. Got the Three Man Army achievement. Need to start rolling with all 3 more often in free roam. If you get out of your car in the middle of the street and start shooting, the other 2 get out and do the same thing. And when you're running from the cops the other 2 shoot at them while you drive. It was fun. Still think it's super gay that they haven't released iFruit for Android yet. Want custom license plates dammit.
  13. How many people would actually choose a or b though. I don't know anyone who did. It is unthinkable.
  14. My snapmatic won't save anything. Tis awesome.
  15. I'll take pics of the guide. It shows all the knife flights.
  16. Not sure about cars. But the tank, planes, and helis just respwn in your hangar. Cant lose em. sbk was right with his time frame and it's automatic. You'll usually get an email saying how much you made that month from a certain property.
  17. Made $18Mil using all 3 characters off the stock advice you get from the guy you take to the airport. Read online the stock goes up to $524 from $400 but it stopped at $517 for me.
  18. But you can get the Bugatti for free as much as you want and the mods don't add up to $650k I bought the cargobob hoping I could like fly over cars and steal them with the chopper or just carry them away but you can't do anything other than fly it around. But it is the most stable chopper to fly. Now its just an expensive machine to get my high enough to skydive.
  19. Yeah all my friends had cars disappear. Lost my $650k Cheetah dammit. At least my drift hachi is still surviving for the time being.
  20. Don't want to be a jerk but that vid is kind of late. Theres tons of them out there. And going left and further over the base is not the smartest option. If you still one of the first jets on the right you can take off and go right and instantly be out of the base's airspace. Should also hold the rear view camera so if missiles do come you can dodge them quite easily.
  21. Nope. Anyone know of an easy way to get all 3 characters together outside of a mission? It's a huge pita switching between them all constantly.
  22. Hopefully they get their shit straight before online goes live so it's not a shit show. Their social club and the game itself is still super buggy.
  23. Game has gotten super glitchy since beating it. Buy stuff and get the message that it's in my hangar/garage and it's not there. Happened quite a bit already. Not sure what happened but everywhere I went as Michael everyone would run like I had a gun out or just killed someone even if I was just walking around. Was weird. One thing that was hilarious was driving my tank out of the hangar I didn't see one of the 747's taking off and it nailed me and I'm just thinking there goes my tank but theres a big explosion and the plane ends up in pieces and my tank is still rolling. What a beast. I thought the Strangers and Freaks mission you get for Trevor after beating the game was actually kind of sad.
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