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  1. Yeah the high end apartments are the ones over $200K. Just have to have that extra music room which turns into your heist room.
  2. LOL! My friend actually stole your car not me. I killed you. He was just gonna park it and shoot out all the tires since we've been doing that to troll people in the game but you had bullet proof tires so I blew it up. I did have to pay the insurance of $400 but it was worth it. I have $1.6M though so it wasn't much. It was hilarious though that when my friend jumped in your car you came running out of the shop.
  3. You need a certain apartment for the heist? Says you just get a heist board in your house when they release it. The $319K apartment comes with a 10 car garage. Edit** Just read you just need an apartment over $200K that has the extra room which mines has.
  4. The $319K apartment looks the exact same with a better view. Kind of want to buy a different one since I already saw this in the online teaser but I'm thinking all the nice apartments have the same layout.
  5. Was able to play a bunch without problems. Was jumping in/out of friends games. But my friend had his character deleted and was too impatient to wait so he made a new one.
  6. Crap afraid to get on again. You think if Rockstar made a billion and then some on this game they could afford to pay some overtime to their tech guys to get this figured out. Seriously almost a week and still messed up. They're killing their own game but not getting it working. Anyway, played the crap out of the titan mission last night at $10K a pop.
  7. Damn I'm afraid to jump on now.
  8. Damn I'm totally calling them on my friends.
  9. After that mission we got put in different lobbies I think. Had to go anyway.
  10. How do you save planes? Haven't seen a hangar to buy.
  11. Ill be on in like half an hour to do missions. Add me msnjah pretty badass police chase
  12. Did rockstar say it hasn't been added or you just haven't been able to do it? I'm assuming people will have to be certain ranks in order to do better missions. So far I've only unlocked Lester and Trevor. Lester doesn't give missions but you can call him to remove your wanted level or find stuff like planes and helis. Trevor I guess is pissed because I've been stealing so much drugs so now his buddy Ron has been calling me with missions.
  13. So just found out something that made all the BS worth it. Was able to steal a noose SUV and was rolling with 3 of my friends. If you have the noose SUV two people can ride on the outside while you drive. It is sick as fuck. Started just rolling up on people like that. Sadly, you can't save it or any other police vehicle in your garage. REALLY wanted to save that SUV. Edit** It is kind of gay that you can farm RP and money from constantly replaying missions. Made over $100K and a crap ton of RP from replaying a mission over and over with my friends. I can see being able to redo it if you fail but once you pass you should have to move on. When I left my friends stayed and kept doing it. One said he was gonna do it all day. LAME.
  14. Dang people still can't get on? I'm at lvl 15. Started just doing missions by myself because most of the time it glitches and other I invite can't download the mission. Hope this thing gets fixed soon.
  15. Wanted to jam before work dammit. Looks like the severs are back up now. Was able to get online.
  16. Missions and races. Missions give the most RP and decent money and are generally pretty easy. Some races you can win $10k. If you do missions to the point where the car dealer guy just sends you a list of cars then you will get $10K per car you bring him. Easy $60k.
  17. Damn thought the beyond crew would be out in force. Only got to play with about 3 guys. Need people to run missions with so we can rank up and get on our heisting on. Wanted to paint my car the crew color and put the emblem on but it would have been $50k. Multiplayer stuff is hella expensive.
  18. Was good rolling with you rocker. That one mission was a bitch.
  19. What rank is everyone? I'm at 11.5. Missions give waaaaay more RP and money. Did a bunch today but later the mission would just fail as soon as it started so can't do any. Ended up inviting a bunch of random people to my house and then driving some dude around so he could rob stores. Called it a while ago that it would be a shitshow. I hoped for the best but seeing how buggy single player was made it obvious online wouldn't be any better. Still pissed I lost a $400k house.
  20. Yay for Rockstar sucking cock. Bought a $400K house, jumped offline for a bit to make some breakfast jumped back online and now I don't own that house anymore. That money is still gone but I don't own the house. GG Rockstar.
  21. Just make your character and then play. If it doesn't show the opening cutscene and just drops you by the Vinewood sign restart it.
  22. Yeah first race is buggy. Rockstar already released a statement about it. I had to do it like 3 or 4 times.
  23. Yeah I'm down. Invite me or something. Been trying to join a session with crew members but it's not working.
  24. Anyone from the beyond crew down to run missions? Tried to join crew members but it failed.
  25. Apparently you need an apartment before you can do the heists. Been rolling around with takedown from the Beyond Crew doing missions and robbing stores. Bought the $400k apartment with the 10 car garage. And yeah so whoever grabs the money from the job is responsible for dividing up the cash.
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