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  1. Yeah kept trying to jump into friends games and kept getting denied. After about 15 tries it let me and said I had been forgiven.
  2. WOW. So my bad sport time is supposed to be finished. Tried jumping in a game and it says I'm still a badsport. GG R*. My badsport time was supposed to end 10 hours ago.
  3. Watched the whole NiP vs. Asana Dragons game. What an epic match. Forest is a beast.. too bad get right basically lost the match for NiP when he was watching catwalk but he did have some clutch plays early on. Marik's awp was ridiculous. And those jumping scout headshots were ridiculous.
  4. I'm sure it's easy to know who did the glitch as all they would have to do is look at who accessed the store a ridiculous amount of times in a short period. It's funny Rockstar releases a game with TONS of glitches 99% of which screw you over and they take their time fixing. Players find a glitch to make some easy money and they're labeled "cheaters." Steal random persons vehicle, they have your phone number and can text you. Rockstar logic.
  5. Hands on throttle and stick. I don't think that thurstmaster setup is *really* a hotas setup. Usually the throttle is a separate unit from the stick.
  6. link isn't working for me. You can buy a helmet to protect you from getting headshot? Hate getting headshot on missions.
  7. Was watching videos of the squadron play. Looks badass. Looks like Aces High 2 but with good graphics. Wonder how realistic the physics are. Wish I could play this.
  8. That one seems too complicated. Anyway Bad Sport servers are waaaaaay more fun. You can blow up anyone's car and you don't get in trouble or have to pay the insurance. Also, since being in these servers it seems I've been getting invites to way more, and better missions. If it wasn't for not being able to play with friends I would rather stay in these servers. Edit** These servers are utter chaos. Seems that a lot of people have tanks. Some dude killed me for no reason and I ended up raping him on foot and then beat him in a one on one. He went and got his tank and found me and killed me 14 times in a row because I kept spawning near him and couldn't get away.
  9. Yeah it's ********. Can't believe R* does shit like this. People shoot at me for no reason and when I blow up their car I'M the bad sport. Riiiiiiiiiight. Super gay that it's an automatic 2 day thing too. Can't play with friends at all even in private games. Found out if you do awards though it lessens the time so that' what I'm doing. So did rooftop rumble with 4 people. Upon completion I got $500 while everyone else got $25K. Didn't die and killed the most people. GG R*.
  10. You have to call Pegasus and have them deliver your other plane. You can only have one active at a time.
  11. So finally got rated as a bad sport. Guess I will remain one for 2 days. I wonder if that prevents me from playing with my friends. I'll find out tomorrow and if it does, that's ********. Odd too because about 5mins before I blew up the players car I got the $1K for being a good sport. I was trolling the crap out of my server though because every time a high priority vehicle appeared I just waited down by the delivery and stickied the ramp so when someone finally brought the car to the pier and thought they were home free I destroyed the car literally right in front of Simeon's door. Got quite a few bounties because of this. Edit** A neg rep? Really? You must have been one of those people I exploded.
  12. Weird I'm sure I put in less. Are you using the RR? That one sells for rubbish money. I'm sure rockstar won't ban anyone for it especially since they didn't ban anyone for farming. At least we got something for putting up with all the BS. I'm sure I lost a lot more than 500k. My apartment alone was 400k.
  13. Buy the most expensive stuff. I put the most expensive horn which is 25k. 30k in paint. Bullet proof tires. Custom tires which adds a white wall. Most expensive rims. Painted the rims. Put a crew logo. Added armor and some engine upgrades. DO NOT PUT EXPLOSIVES. But put the most expensive stuff. The bike will sell for roughly half of what you put into it. And yeah if you're to slow in going to the store you'll spawn without your bike. I just hit start, LB, A, A, to do it quick.
  14. I got $5.6M left after buying my adder, cheetah, and entity and modding the crap out of them.
  15. Have fun guys. And yes, it works. Was doing it last night and doing it right now actually. Some other help: Make sure you load the games store AND appear outside ON your bike before you start selling it. Depending on how many races you've won you might be able to buy expensive parts like turbo, transmission, etc but if you are doing that make sure to check your sell price of the bike because if it goes over $50K LS Customs won't buy it. I got mines to sell for $40K. Also, in the middle of constantly reselling your bike, if you get impatient and ride into the LS Customs door and fall off you will ruin the glitch and have to wait 48mins to start doing it again, but at least you'll already have your bike.
  16. So anyone else doing the infinite resell glitch? Made about $7M so far. Gonna do it a bit more so I don't ever have to do it again and won't worry about running out of money once they patch it.
  17. I think it's funny that any decent car is more expensive than an apartment. Also, the fact that in Grand THEFT Auto you need to buy a car. I can see some high end cars having to be bought because they don't spawn in game but the fact that some high end cars DO spawn and you can't steal and keep them is dumb.
  18. Yeah I've been having quite a bit of fun with my friends. Especially all the dumb stuff that happens. Agree that it's stupid you get in trouble for blowing up peoples cars. Some guy was trying to kill me for no reason so as I was driving way I stuck his car and blew it up and I get a bad ratings. Dumb.
  19. Sounds like a special needs person narrating
  20. Anyone know how much bad you have to do to get put in "bad" servers. I got a bunch of warnings today for blowing up peoples cars. Kind of dumb you get warnings when you blow up a car with someone that has a bounty inside. I was just driving by sticking their car and leaving.
  21. Agree that auto aim is ******** as hell in deathmatch. I was using free aim in the beginning until I realized basically everyone else was using auto aim. The FFA is the biggest clusterfuck I've ever seen in a game. I thought FFA spawns in H4 were bad but in GTA it's unbelievable. I've literally spawned right in front of people with shotguns and get dropped instantly before I can even aim. The fact that the game makes it harder for you when you're on a killstreak by making the screen change colors is dumb as hell too. I've basically stopped playing deathmatch completely. Some of my friends like the racing but I can't stand it. The only thing I have fun doing is the parachuting missions or air races. So glad most of my friends mainly want to run missions and when they're not on my other friend and I just go trolling.
  22. People in the lobby have to hit right trigger on the screen that asks you to hit a to continue. They took out the replay option but the right trigger restart still works.
  23. I didn't even know you could go past 100. And how the hell have you been leveling up so fast?
  24. No idea. BTW for people who don't know like Moa I guess. If someone steals your car just open your car settings and change it to "no one" and whoever is in your car instantly gets kicked out and the car gets locked. I guess a lot of people don't know this because I've been jacking peoples personal cars and wrecking them all morning. It is hilarious when you drive it far away and blow out all the tires so it's a bitch to drive to the shop. Another funny thing was some dude with a bounty was running from people and started buzzing trying to get into my apartment so I let him in. He explored for a while and then went to my garage and was trying to steal my cars. I jumped in one and he jumped in the passenger seat and we went outside. Once outside I got out and killed him and claimed the $7K bounty. Win.
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