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  1. AGL probably doesn't have a business license so it doesn't matter. Besides, businesses pay to have a good standing with the BBB and they will only give negative ratings to companies who don't pay up. Thats all they do though. They just put on their site that the business has a bad rating.
  2. Small claims court does not include lawyers. However, it would be difficult to take Brad to court seeing as how he is probably in a different state from a lot of the people he swindled. But seeing as how it was across state borders someone would have to get the FBI to go after Brad. But due to it being Federal, the penalties would be much more harsh. Personally, if I was getting paid prize money or had paid for a team pass and didn't get a refund I would make a police report and contact the FBI about money fraud.
  3. AGL probably doesn't even have a business license to begin with.
  4. You can sue anyone, anytime, for anything. Winning is a different story. But Forealy what Brad has done is fraud and should get in trouble.
  5. Doubt MLG will do anything when they realize maybe 30 teams were going.
  6. Yeah so that author sucked at writing and had some terrible halo ideas.
  7. Well I just got put in a badsport servers again. This time for 4 days. ********. I found out they didn't make cars weaker, the AP Pistol just destroys cars extremely fast. I don't know why they would make a PISTOL so strong against vehicles. I'm absolutely done with this game. Gonna trade it in and preorder Ghosts tomorrow. Fuck R*.
  8. Yeah I mostly run around doing dumb stuff with my friends. Was rolling with Sam the other day and we ended up raping everyone so bad that everyone left and it was just me and him left in the server until my friend joined. I like doing the missions but half the time one of my friends fails at dling the mission so we get stuck doing dumb stuff. Did they make blowing up cars easier? Happened several times today that I was just shooting at people in their cars and the car blew up. Was shooting all around the drivers window so I don't know why the cars were blowing up.
  9. FINALLY got a Sultan RS. Well my friend got it for me and I jumped in his game and grabbed it. Took forever.
  10. Did you read my post at all. I said SOME OTHER VIRUS.
  11. My assumption is the older sister of those two little girls is feeding them. She's been naming them and obviously has a soft spot for them.
  12. Pretty sure MLG won't pick it up. I think blops2 will stay on. Waaaay easier to stream and seems to be made for the competitive gamers.
  13. Then you're playing the wrong game entirely. And TTD is the only 50 that means anything in H4.
  14. Skyrim is my only one. Want to finish it but you need like a minimum of 8 hours of free time to even turn that game on. Once it's on my day is shot.
  15. Theres a submarine somewhere. Not sure where to get it. It was in the most recent mythbusters vid though.
  16. Pfffffft they need money for Arcadia. That wonderful idea of theirs.
  17. I think armor abilities, random ordinances, and rewarding bad players with power weapons would be right on target.
  18. Game is still super buggy which is irritating. Haven't been playing much.
  19. Still remember the first weekend of Halo3 where the counter was at 1.3M.
  20. I think the zombie virus or some other virus is mutating to become airborne. That's why Rick kept focusing on the zombie that had blood coming from its eyes and when the boy died he was bleeding from the mouth and eyes. Hopefully this season is better than last season. Last season was rubbish. Oh yeah and that crazy chick.. ... Wtf... Would a killed her on site.
  21. Would definitely do it. The speed advantage of an ssd is pretty great plus the risk of a hdd failure is minimized a bunch.
  22. First half was supposed to drop this week but then again the game was supposed to work when it came out so yeah....
  23. Didn't LAN_Valen drop a -16 bomb at one of the AGL... can't wait to hear that guys knowledge
  24. Yeah haven't had Beyond as my active crew for a while because either no one was on or they didn't want to do anything. Jumped in Rocker's game today but he was AFK.
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