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  1. Damn making me second guess getting this game. Kind of wish I didn't sell my Blops2 the day it came out.
  2. Geez 9-13GB. Just gonna go preorder it later today and pick it up at midnight. Well more like 12:30-12:45 so I don't have to stand in line.
  3. What do they mean by region? I was gonna go buy this game tomorrow (didn't preorder) but if it releases at 12PM pacific I might as well dl it from the market place? Anyone know the DL size?
  4. I'll be donating probably $50-$100. Hawaii sucks.
  5. Not sure if gamestop has the powerup towards the xbone but that would give it 30% more. but to gamestop that's like $0.50. Your best bet would be selling it on craigslist or something.
  6. Cool. I'd wish for a ton of money.. Fuck wasting a wish on halo
  7. Yeah seriously they nerfed money in missions hardcore AND made weapons more expensive. You lose a ton of money screwing around in the city if you're not doing missions or whatever. Now when I jump on my friend and I just trade races for 20 mins and make about 60k so we have money to do dumb shit in the city. Rockstar acts like this is some $0.99 game on the app store with them trying to force microtransactions down your throat. And whatever happened to the stimulus that was supposed to be given by the end of last month.
  8. If you're good at the races it's the easiest and quickest way to rank and make money.
  9. Bought the Buzzard Attack Helicopter without thinking. Forgot I can't just blow anyone up so it was kind of a waste of 1.7M. It's good for hunting bounties though. You can't even use it to take out people in tanks because you have to stay so far away. I'm down to about $800k from the 5M I had. Mostly due to endlessly putting bounties on people who piss me off. I would just put non-stop $9k bounties on them until they left.
  10. So my friend and I found out something hilarious. Well it's not a secret or anything but yeah... anyway, we would kill people who were in their personal vehicles and once dead we would run over and pour gas all over the car. When they would get back in and drive away the backfire from the car would set the gas and of course their car, on fire. When it explodes you don't get a bad rating for it either. Was hilarious. We would drive away and my friend would watch the radar for them going back to their car. We would then drive back and see them driving with their car on fire or them running away from it. It doesn't explode every time but most of the time.
  11. Yeah you can't use a 360 to play online with someone who has a xbone.
  12. Would like to see the HUD in action. Seems cool but I would assume communication is key in a firefight and the mandible might muddle the sound of someone giving orders. I would buy one for paintball just because it looks awesome but it's probably hella expensive. edit** Yeah the helmet is $2200 as shown. And when aiming a rifle you would have to hold it at a 45 degree angle
  13. After sitting through 4 hours I thought it was cool. Would totally go out and buy a Gamecube but I'd also have to buy a CRT to play it soooooooo nope.
  14. So I preordered Ghosts. Anyone down to jam Extinction?
  15. Totally called Carol burning the the two people. Not here but told my wife. My wife didn't agree and was like why would you think that. To me Carol is a little bit psycho. I told my wife Carol would justify it by thinking it was for the good of everyone else. Also, I hate Carol and was hoping she would get killed outside at the well but I had already seen some .gifs that showed otherwise .. I was like OO when I thought they were killing off Tyrique seeing as how his character has been in the first few episodes AAAAAAAAAAAND they didn't. But who knows, maybe he got bit. Seems a bit unrealistic that he got away from all those zombies without getting bit. She's not killing them and leaving bait, she's straight up feeding the zombies the live rats. And I thought the same thing about faking the cough but they put makeup on her to make her look sick so who knows.
  16. Considering you can't play with friends who have a different console I would say..
  17. Hey says he doesn't want an armor lock like specialization..... Uses the shield in the video. He had some good points but those are all the obvious ones. He had a ton of terrible ideas. Probably shouldn't take advice from a guy who says he dislikes Halo 3 because it takes too long to rank up. Forget game mechanics, let's judge games on my ability to rank up. Best part of the video by far was him getting run over by his two teammates on the mongoose. That was a very hard video to watch though.
  18. forums search function works.
  19. AGL is dad. This is not an AGL event. AGL is the league that shall not be named from here on out.
  20. Even if Halo 4 was great I think MLG would've still dropped it. CoD is much more popular because it's easier. The Dev support is there as well. Even if Halo 5 is outstanding it would take 343 working with MLG to get it back on the circuit. IMO Halo's days with MLG are over and if 343 keeps pumping out this garbage, Halo will die a slow death. For those of us who were around for the glory days then we will have those memories.
  21. Brad to the Halo tournament scene....
  22. And there goes your expensive ass SSD in the PS4.
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